It's a flap fiesta - my new babes! Blue Fonce caviar Jumbo, etc. with pics! :)

  1. Hi ladies!! :smile: I just wanted to share my bags with you (haha, yes, some more flaps)! :nuts: I found the gorgeous Blue Fonce caviar Jumbo from Lisa Hamlin who managed to track one down (apparently it was the last in the company)! The color of this bag is just gorgeous… it’s truly the perfect go with anything shade of blue!!! :heart: It was crazy, because the shipping department forgot to ship my bag and instead sent me some woman’s 3K jacket (but I wasn’t charged for it)… very odd, but after some phone calls, I received my baby on Saturday, and she’s home with her “mommy” haha! :p

    The black caviar timeless clutch holds a lot more than I’d imagined… and it’s soo gorgeous (I can’t wait to take it out to dinner) and elegant!! I found the burgundy/red diamond shine flap for a really good price from a well known eBay seller, and I’ve had her for a few weeks… the subtle gradient effect on the bag is soo stunning, and I love that the size is in between a medium and Jumbo, so it fits my Chanel sunnies case!!

    Last but not least, the gorgeous black crackled patent medium flap my SA put me on the list for came in a few days ago, and I knew I was going to like it, but wasn’t sure if I should get it… well, that all went to you know what when I saw it haha… I literally kept the display one on my shoulder for half an hour while I talked to my SA, I loved it sooo much!! I took some quick (read:crappy) pictures, because I’m multitasking (aka watching tennis while doing some finance work haha)… hope you like them!! :heart:

    Diamond shine flap and black crackled patent medium flap chillin:

    Above pic taken without flash:

    Black caviar timeless clutch and Blue Fonce Jumbo flap (with flash):

    Modeling pic (taken when it was randomly cold and rainy a few weeks ago!) of Miss Burgandy Diamond Shine flap:

    Modeling pic of Miss black crackled patent medium flap (I LOVE this bag):

    Modeling pic of my clutch (too bad I’m not going anywhere haha)!

    Modeling pic of my gorgeous Blue Fonce caviar Jumbo:

    Thanks so much for letting me share!! :heart: :heart:
  2. OMG, you have three bags that are on my wishlist. Timeless clutch, Burgundy Diamond Shine and Blue Fonce Flap.

    You have a beautiful collection.

  3. Love, Love, Love your bags! I want a blue fonce one day. The caviar clutch is 2die4 and I love my clutch as well. You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!
  4. A gorgeous family. I love the blue fonce jumbo. The black patent flap is great also. I don't like all patent, that one is niiice.
  5. Oooh great goodies!!! Love all your choices and the pics look like a boutique pic!!
  6. Love everything!
  7. hubba hubba! :nuts: I love these your bags and as you know love your entire collection!!! I've never seen that burgundy one and it's a good thing ... b/c I'd want it!

    That blue fonce against your white top is amazing! CONGRATS
  8. piperlu – Aww, well great minds think alike haha! :p Thank you!!

    luv4bags – Thank you!! Isn’t the clutch fab? :nuts: I bet yours looks amazing on you!!

    ronsdiva – Aww, thank you… even if you don’t like patent, if you saw this bag IRL, you just might be converted haha. :p

    Thanks Lucci! I love your pictures too… and your collection is fabulous! :heart:

    oo_let_me_see – Thank you!

    Regina07 - Aww, thank you!! :heart: Your collection is sooo amazing!! :nuts: Haha, I randomly found the Burgandy/red Diamond Shine on eBay when I wasn't really looking... but it was a great price and I had to have it!
  9. ooooooooh lovely!! I heart that jumbo and I always dream about the clutch, I don't know why I never buy it! Great pics Minal, thanks for showing us!
  10. I love them all! I only share the timeless clutch with you - and that I shall take out this weekend. But I love the blue foncé with a passion and the other flaps are just as gorgeous!
  11. OMG, theres my blue fonce jumbo! ( insert crying smiley here). I want that bag so bad! It looks absolutely beautiful on you though. It really does. So you got the last one huh? I'm dying here, I love that bag! But at least someone from this forum got the last one :tup:.

    You have excellent taste in bags, I love everything you've just shown us. And the red flap looks killer too. Congrats on so many nice bags :drool:.
  12. LOve your blue fonce jumbo....can you give me the detail..please? your new goodies!!
  13. You know they look fabulous on you. Congrats on those hard to find bags!
  14. lol the black one. so...when can I borrow? lmao kidding
  15. love them all! my favorite is the blue flap. congrats on all your babies!