It's 3am,... do you know where my Croc Birking is,...

  1. I can't stop thinking of this bag, I have temporarly gone insane! I have to visit Hermes first thing in the morning and demand they do a store search for my bag and ship it to me!!!!!! :devil:

    If Janet Jackson did it so can I!!!!!!
  2. I can't sleep either, so I'm here supporting you! you go girl, get that croc Birkin!
  3. Camp out the front - then they'll know you're serious!!!!!!!
  4. :lol:
    :lol: maybe I should do that!
  5. That's too funny!!:roflmfao: But I know if I lived in NYC that's what I'd many little time.:rant:
    I can't sleep either and it's 3:30am.
  6. Hermes keeps me up nights as well, lol!
    I am also planning a shopping trip tomorrow. But definitely make them do a N.A. inventory search for you and see what comes up ---- they often can find what you are looking for.
  7. all they need to do is search on their computer! Someone will have it!
  8. Girl good luck in your journey!!!!!! If you can't sleep because you want it, then you have to get it!!!!!
  9. Good luck, Baggaholic! Keep us posted as soon as you get your croc!!! :wlae:
  10. This is too comical.:lol:
  11. The excitement and stories are most of the fun!
  12. LOL could you really do that? I think you can call and annoy them about it! LOL
  13. LOL! I know of cases where they sold hard-to-get bags just to get rid of a customer.
  14. You think that could happen to me,.. :nuts:
  15. LOL!! Off the record, they told me if she were to show up again, they were going to pretend they were closed.:angel: