Items to ship to soldiers overseas?

  1. I have a very good friend who just left for Iraq last month. He will be there for 2 and 1/2 years. He has requested some basic items, such as snacks, books, face wash and soap. What other items would be good to send to him that would make him more comfortable? Has anyone here sent packages overseas and have had feedback on what they need or want or like? I will be sending him packages bi-monthly or more. Thank you!
  2. We sent a package not too long ago and we know several soilders that have just returned...I know they wanted baby wipes, which I guess are good for cleaning up, etc., especially when you consider all the sand storms. I also think beef jerkey was a big request. I am sure anything you send will be greatly appreciated.
  3. The blog below has a great list. I went to Iraq in 2004 as a civilian and my nephew was there in 2005. His requests were beef jerky and spicy doritos! The other thing soldiers are NOT allowed is alcohol of any kind over there. At Christmas I went to the liquor store and bought a bunch of small bottles of liquor like you see on airplanes. I then bought two cans of Pringles chips and emptied the chips into zip loc bags. I put the small liquor bottles back in the pringles cans and stuffed some tissue inside so they did not rattle. I then re-sealed the cans with a glue stick.

    My nephew and his cohorts (including CO) had fun with the tequila that Christmas. :devil:

    Sending care packages to soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan :: Tobiasly's Blog
  4. My husband is in the military and he likes me to send microwave popcorn, beef jerky, little tins of oysters (not for everyone, I know), those little packages of cheese/peanut butter crackers, and nuts. When he's went away, he's been on a ship, so some of this may not apply to the person you're sending stuff to (ability to microwave, etc.). One time he wanted me to send one of those egg crate looking mattress pads, and a nice blanket since the ones they have are so scratchy. Toiletry items are always good, as is maybe a large bottle of Tylenol. Oh, and Chapstick is good to send also.
  5. I really don't have any exerience of this on a first hand basis, but one thing I would think would be pretty important would be sunscreen. or block? I don't know if they have access to it over there already, but if not, maybe a bottle or two of that? A good all over moisturiser (like a baby lotion) is going to be pretty essential, wiht the heat & the wind he'll get really dry & chapped skin.

    I think little nice things that remind him of home would be good too, so maybe a few clippings of local papers?

    I think a nice blanket & pillow of his own might be good too. oh? what about insect repellant? or a mosquito net?

    Food wise, anything long life & non perishable would be great, but for weight & cost, I wouldn't send much tinned food, unless he particularly wants a product.
  6. Thanks for sharing that! He did say that he was drinking non-alcoholic coors over the past weekend. I know he would appreciate that. Thanks also for the blog.
  7. All of the above suggestions are great. I am making my list for sunblock, wipes, moisturizer (never would have thought that!), chapstick, insect repellant, etc. Thanks so much everyone!
  8. I've sent CDs/DVDs, magazines, and cool stickers they can put on their rigs. And I think they always need basic toiletries. One list I saw said condoms to keep sand out of guns(!).

    I hope that your friend stays safe in Iraq during his deployment.
  9. wow this is a great thread.
  10. Something else I forgot before. My husband always likes me to send cough drops and hard candies such as peppermint, butterscotch and cinnamon disks.
  11. These are terrific suggestions!
    Thanks chinchillamoose, I hope he stays safe too! We all certainly miss him.
  12. Tammy, how long has your husband been away?

  13. He's home now, but he's been in the Navy for 25 years. He's been gone more than he's been home overall. He just got back from a 6 1/2 month deployment this past March. Luckily, he just transferred to shore duty, and will be retiring in three years. We can't wait!
  14. Porn... :angel: And fill a mouthwash bottle with alcohol.

    I'm just kidding, those were ideas that a friend of mine who went to Iraq gave me. :lol:

    Send things that will mean something to him... Liiike... a portable cd player and lots of batteries and a few CDs that he loves... I was thinking, an Ipod full of his favorite music, but charging the ipod is a diff. story.

    I dunno..
    Send him something to take his mind off of where he is. :smile:
  15. Two years ago my students and I sent care packages to Iraq.
    If you know someone who works at a hotel you could see if the hotel would donate the small bottles of shampoo and stuff. I guess people like those cause they can keep them in there backpacks. We are in Vegas so that was easy. You could always go to a hotel yourself.
    Flavored mix to put in water like Gatorade or those individual packets also.
    Candy that won't melt.
    Homemade cookies wrapped well and in plastic containers.
    One of my friends who was in Iraq said they could trade American things to Iraqi people to get bootleg movies. So even if they don't use it themselves they could still benefit.
    one things also, if you are planning on shipping stuff often go to the post office with the address he gave you. Sometimes you can use the flat rate boxes (they are $7.70 for up to 75lbs of stuff. they are kinda small but good fro frequent packages) when you are sending smaller things. It could save you money. Trust me, it gets pretty pricey to mail big boxes.