item not as describe!do i need to report this to ebay???

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  1. i guess i should stop buying on ebay, this is the second item in one week that i got my item NOT ACCURATELY AS DESCRIBE:cursing:,. first item listed as brand new , never been used, but its use and second item brand new , never been carried ,again on her first description, and while reading it all the way.. description .. very gently used. check the photo looks gently used,w/c is okey w/ me, but when i got it yesterday and inspected it thoughly , all the 4 corners of the wallet the the 2 material is already seperated due to lost of the black sealant, almost every edge of the wallet ( no photo / or description on that flaws mention on the listing ). so anyway , seller okey for return. now my question , do i have to report this to the ebay for " item not accurately describe? not necessary.
    thank for your advice!

  2. I would report it because otherwise they are getting away with it. When you return it, they will probably just relist it with the same description as before.
  3. definitely report, it is not as described!