Item I sold wasn't signed for so beign returned to sender!

  1. Does this mean I'll have to repay to send it to her?
    I did state in my listing that I was sending recorded delivery first class.
    I emailed her the day of sale to ask if she was going to be in, but with no reply I went to the PO and sent it recorded anyway, then got an email from her on the sunday saying she wouldn't be in.
  2. she will get a note through thedoor saying that the post office ere unable to deliver it and shewill be able to go and pick it up at her nearest sorting office .
  3. sorry some of that typing wasn't very good ! hope you can understand it .
  4. I'd say that if she wants it re-sent, she should pay for shipping again. It's not your fault that she didn't respond to your email until Sunday. If she decides she wants her money back, I'd file a claim to get your final value fee back and refund her less your listing and shipping fees.
  5. alright thanks girls :smile:
  6. I would do the same...
  7. Hmm, I just got it back today, and the return to sender thing says that the addressee is unknown...?
    What does this mean? That the address doesnt exist
  8. If it says address is unknown then yes you have the wrong address...she has the wrong address in for mailing...If it says Addressee unknown then the mailman doesn't know she lives there. Maybe she rooms with other people.....sounds strange though. I would verify the address with her and go from there. If you had the right address I would make her pay to resend it.....hope this helps!!!! I allways verify address before I send to people in a email to double check.......
  9. I mailed something USPriority, delivery confirmation, insured. It sat at the recipient's PO for two months waiting for her to pick it up. The inaccurate address must be the reason yours was returned. If she gave you the wrong address, it is her fault -- was it a confirmed paypal address?
  10. I sent her a message to confirm address, and she said it was her addy. However, she isn't willing to pay for shipping again, and I certainly don't want to lose £4 for shipping it, and then another £4 to send it again.
    What should I do?
  11. Can you check the address is real on an online map thing?
  12. Did she pay by paypal? Was it a confirmed address?
  13. Yep it was a confirmed Paypal addy :sad:
  14. Maybe you should refund her the money minus what it cost for shipping and wasting your time and try to sell it to the next bidder/offer. It's not your fault she gave you the wrong address or wasn't there to sign for it. You shouldn't have to pay for shipping again. If she still wants it, she should pay the extra costs.