Itchy skin around eyes?

  1. For the past few days the skin above and under my eyes has been very itchy. I have used extra moisturizer, but this morning after I applied it my skin seemed to burn. In addition to being itchy, I feel slighy bumpiness, the same way chapped lips feel. I thought this was just really dry skin, but since my extra moisturizer hasn't seemed to be working I'm wondering if it is something else? A few days ago I also dyed my hair..but it was chemical free and washes out in a few weeks so an eye reaction seems harsh. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  2. Is the area flakey? It sounds like it could be eczema. I used to get it around my eyes too. I went to my doctor and the cream he prescribed cleared it right up. It hasn't been a problem since (on my eyes anyway, my hands are another story!). If it is eczema, you will most likely need a prescription...regular moisturizers won't do anything for it.
  3. I used to have very dry, itchy skin around my eyes. I couldn't use my normal facial because it burned, so my pharmacist recommended vaseline! And it saved my eyes! It cleared up all the dryness and itchiness within a few days. I highly recommend it, and even now in the winter when I feel the dryness coming back i'll put some on. I put it on before I go to bed, so I let it absorb while i'm sleeping, and then in the morning when I wake up it's normally cleared. :yes:
  4. Thanks fashion_junky! I am going to my dermo Monday, I think it could be eczema
  5. It also could be an allergic reaction. have you used any new eye shadows?? or eye base? when I tried nars eye shadows my got just the way you described. So itchy and dry....
  6. My facialist said when this happens to put a layer of moisterizer on and then put another layer on in a couple of minutes. In winter the skin on the face becomes dryer because of the artifical heat and becomes flakey. It works because I just did it yesterday.
  7. My eyes have been doing that lately- I'm pretty sure it's just a string of really cold, dry days that have caused it. I've been using Aquaphor at night and not taking super-hot showers and it's gotten a lot better.
  8. Same with me; here in England, when the heating is on constantly in the winter, it really dries my skin.

    Try keeping the house cooler, and speak to your doctor if it doesn't go away in a few days. Because from my experience, some creams can actually make the problem worse.
  9. I have been having this problem since last summer. It lasted a few months, tried lots of skin healing creams, all of them not working. So when I asked at my loacl pharmacy they said to use vaseline or E45. They both worked and it my eyes cleared up, but it still comes back. The E45 no longer works for my eyes but the vaseline is sort of helping.
    I found that most make up removers irritate it tho, for me anyway!
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    OK so far this is exactly what has happened to me.

    Area above the eyes up to the brow and under (the bags where they fold near the nose) are itching and no amount of cream (Clinique/Ponds) will fix the dryness. I actually ended up burning that area along with a good part of my upper cheeks... red and raw! I also just had my hair colored with non-chemical Goldwell, used for years with no problem. Washed hair for the first time tonight and nothing has changed.

    Finally I got the red to calm down and itching to stop and moisturizing to stay using Polysporin! I was desperate and tried that on a hunch because it feels like I have critters biting me although I can't see anything.

    I know that PS has some anti-bacterial stuff in it but since it's petroleum based, I thought I'd get some Vaseline.

    Uh oh... the minute I stopped using the PS, the itch was back! So this tells me there is something LIVING on my skin that was not there before or that I am now allergic to!

    Added info: Prior to this happening, I am oily skinned - NOT ONE WRINKLE and don't even have crows feet!

    However I had a LOT of stress the past three weeks and a severe eyes and left side facial twitch that drove me nuts for about same.

    I thought I read something about being allergic to the organisms that normally live on our skin without problems?

    I will go nuts if I have to keep putting PS on there, but if that's what I need, that's what I need.

    I am trying to get over what caused the stress and eat right, and sleep.

    Meanwhile do I need anti-biotics?
    Do I have nerve damage?
    Did I mention that the tip of my nose had an insatiable itch too a few days ago?
    I also have an injured disk in the back of my neck, from snow shoveling, that hurts my head and neck still.
  11. If I was you i'd go to the Dr rather than trying to self diagnose.
  12. glad I'm not the only one! mine happened a couple of years ago during the winter and I had a heck of a time getting rid of it. my itching was right at the lash line on the upper lid. Drove me NUTS! certain creams would burn like crazy too. I think i just put mineral oil on it or maybe Vaseline like the others. I made sure to do it as soon as I washed my face or got out of the shower. Hope yours gets better!
  13. You could try putting a thin (very important) layer of hydrocortisone cream on it along with your moisturizer (or Vaseline or Aquaphor). You can get non-prescription-strength hydrocortisone OTC. Be very careful, as it can thin your skin, and if the flakiness persists, I would strongly recommend seeing a doctor.
  14. my eyes used to get itchy like that from allergies when i was a kid.
  15. When I've had this, it turned out to be allergies. It happens to me in the fall (I'm in the U.S.)