Italy Balenciaga?

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  1. does anyone know where i can purchase Bbags in eith rome, venice, or florence and could you possibly add addresses, also is it cheaper?
  2. I found Balenciaga being sold in a store called Gerard in Florence. I googled the address:

    Via Vacchereccia, 18/20r
    Florence 50123 Italy
    +39 55 21 5942
    Open Hours10a-7:30p Tu-Sa, 2:30p-7:30p M
  3. Luisa Via Roma, in Florence:smile: Good selection, not sure of the address though.. Google it:smile:
  4. Luisa Via Roma in Florence is on Via Roma, 1 minute from the Duomo. They have the pre fall bags in now, not a whole lot of selection but they do have something. I think unless you are hitting a Bal shop, the actual boutiques dont have a whole lot as of yet. LVR has a GREAT plomb work with SGH!

    Worth a stop in Milan to go to the Bal boutique perhaps?
  5. Thanks for starting this thread. I, too, am leaving for Ven, Flor and Rome on July 27...this is perfect!
  6. In Rome: NuYorica Piazza Pollarola, 36-37 tel. 06.688 91243 - It' very close to Campo dei Fiori

    Happy shopping! :smile:NuYorica
  7. I am going to move this to the Shopping sub :heart:

  8. Sococalifornia,
    I just came back from a WE in Rome and I found another *beautiful* shop carrying loads of Balenciagas: it called "LEAM LIMITED", via Appia Nuova 30, telephone +39-06-77207204. It's in the San Giovanni quarter a little outside the central area, but they had so many bags (RH, GH, everything!!) that it's worth a visit.
    By the way, I live in Florence, so if you need directions to find shops here in Florence, just PM me :graucho:
  9. im going to visit Leam store on December. :biggrin: I hope that I can found here Balenciaga City bag!! :smile:) and that its still working ;p
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