It Doesn't Fit!

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  1. So lets say you scored a gorgeous piece of apparel for an fantastic price, or finally discovered the dress of your dreams. Problem is, for any sort of reason you didn't try it on before purchasing (online purchase, friend saw it, in a rush, etc.). And to add more drama into the mix, this is a final sale!

    You go home, ecstatic with your new conquest. But oh no, you try it on and it doesn't fit! It's too small and no matter how hard to squeeze and huff you can't get the zipper up. Or perhaps it's too big and no amount of clever angles can make it look flattering. Oh and we'll be truly cruel and say that this dress would look horrible taken in, since it has weird seams or something.

    What do you do (besides panic haha)? And while we'd all prefer to have our clothes fit just right, between the two evils do you prefer things to be too big or too small?

    I'd rather things be just a bit too small because my body is prone to gaining and losing weight. When clothes are too big, I just have to get rid of them or have them around for a "fat" day when I'm already feeling weird and bloaty. I just bought a dress online and even though I'm typically a size 4, it's just a bit too small and I can't get the zipper up. I suppose if I know I'm going to wear it, it'll be diet exercise breakdown time.

    I hate crazy sizing, it's so frustrating when they switch between brands! :Push:
  2. if it does not fit - out it goes

    seriously fit is THE most important thing it can make a 1$ tee look fab and a chanel dress horrible!
  3. I agree with lilach. Fit is everything. I know how you feel. I bought something final sale recently and I'm just didn't feel it when I got home. Trying to see if it will grow on me. Otherwise I'll sell it.
  4. If it does not fit I put it in the closet and wait for a year and try it on again, if it still is to small/big I throw it out!

  5. agreed!

    or sell it!
  6. If it's too big I am incredibly lucky to have a master seamstress at my disposal (yay mom!) but if it's too small, it probably has to go. It depends on where it's too small. I lose weight easily in some places and not so much in others. A small top I keep, tight pants are usually a lost cause.
  7. So sad to hear it doesn't fit.

    Gosh, I hate it when that happens. :sad:

    Alter :smile: / Sell :rolleyes: / or Toss :crybaby:
  8. Sell!