Israel at War

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  1. Ok so I'm sitting here at the computer and I'm watching the news and it is just making me sick. Can anyone else remember when we were young and had no cares? Is this what our parents went through?? (I'm 40 something)

    It is just moving so fast... ALL of these people are over there and they are in the dark of night and they have gone to war on both sides. I can't even begin to imagine the fear that is happening over there.

    I'm worried but I'm not able to get myself to turn off the news
  2. war is ugly and its always happening somewhere. I was a kid/teen during Vietnam. I've learned not to stress over things that are out of my control but to instead pray for peace.
  3. My husband has a lot of family in Israel and its just heart wrenching. I just wish there was peace!!!
  4. i am crying here and think about my family (either me going or get them out ) :crybaby:
  5. And now it is being pointed to Iran. We have alot of friends in Israel too. I am praying too bagnshoofetish
  6. Lilach, I've also got two passports :smile:

    It's really a sad situation, and since I've been so busy I don't really know what this is all about, etc. But from what I have heard from here and there, it's got to do with kidnappings, right?
  7. I also have two passports, I think I will cancel my trip to Jerusalem/Beirut this summer, the region is very unstable this summer.
  8. wah it is soo frightening and i can´t get through the phone to call my parents in herzliya pituach :rant:

    ah two more "two passport holders" :flowers:
  9. Israeli warplanes attacked a Lebanese Rayak army air base near the Syrian border in eastern Bekaa Valley, the first strike on the Lebanese army in Israel's fight with Hezbollah guerrillas that started after Hezbollah took two Israeli solders captive in a bid to free Lebanese prisoners.
  10. stock market is tanking. oil is 76.70 a barrel gas $3.10. sigh
  11. I am glad that Israel is finally being strong and not putting up with any more crap. Since they abandoned Gaza they've had over 1,000 rocket attacks from there into Israel!!! It's Insane.

    I pray that the Israel soldiers are safe and will be returned. I love Israel and the Jews! I have wanted to visit Israel for years and years. I can't wait to one day be able to go.

    And I realize that Beruit is an interesting city. Michael Totten is a US Citizen who lived there for six months and blogged about his experience and I was mesmerized by his photos and experiences there. I wish those not involved with the Hezbollah thugs the best of luck and safety!
  12. CastoCreations, I respect your opinion, but I'm pretty sure the Palestinians had to endure a lot of "crap" as well, no? There are always 2 sides to a story. The conflict in Israel/Palestine just seems to be getting worse over time. I also wish there was peace in the region...
  13. I have a lot of family living in the northern region of Israel.. (and I was born in Haifa) so I'm terribly worried right now.
  14. Agreed. Another thing I want to point out is that Hezbollah is the organization that has been suspected for years to be responsible for the attack in Beirut that killed over 200 of our Marines in 1983. I was there when this happened as a UN Peacekeeper so I have absolutely NO mercy in my feelings towards those animals. :censor:
  15. Ugh, this is terrible.

    I'm a little torn on the whole Israel issue - I was in a Middle Eastern Studies class with a very biased professor who would actually demean students that try to argue for the Israeli cause. That was a very pro-Palestinian class which I felt was unfair for those that were trying to learn more about the issue. The history of the region is just so complicated and filled with heart ache on both sides.
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