ISO size 10 or 11, black, closed & rounded toe, non-chunky, 4"+ heels under $700

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  1. I'm looking for a great date-night shoe. Here is my requirements:
    • Black
    • Closed toe
    • 4" or higher (hidden platform preferred)
    • Rounded toe (I recently learned that the reason I have heel slip issues is because the width of my foot eventually stretches out pointed toe shoes causing fit problems)
    • Not patent leather (suede preferred)
    • Not a stacked or chunky heel
    • Well-made and stylish
    • Under $700 (under $400 preferred)
    • Size 10 - 11 (depending on the designer)
    So there you have it. Any specific suggestions/links to items would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I just got these - Luxury Rebel Aisha pumps - (in black) from Neiman Marcus Last Call for about 40% off Shopbop's price:

    I LOVE them, and they come in size 10-11... The black is sold out in 41 but available in a 40 on Shopbop, maybe you can order them (or find them at your local NM Last Call)?

    The heel is listed as a 3.75" but I think they're closer to a 4" IRL. I can measure if you're interested. I really like the contemporary shape/styling of this pair, they look classic and not too "trendy." Reminds me of the Louboutin Simples. These shoes aren't super high end by any means so they're well within your price range, and in my opinion they're well made, don't feel "cheap" at all, and will last ;)

    Good luck!
  3. The Zanotti's are awesome but I'm unsure about the crystals - too "black tie". I tried the CL Declic 120 in Black Suede (size 40.5) at Saks but for some reason they were missing the left shoe so I couldn't buy the pair. (No other store seems to have them because they're from the Fall 09.) I tried the Simples in regular leather and the fit and look didn't do it for me.
  4. Thank you everybody for your suggestions! I found these Dolce Vita "Beam" heels.

    Received them a couple days ago and WHOO BOY are they tall (4.5" + platform). They do look a lot like the CL I tried on before, but at 1/6th the pricetage. (True, they're made in China, not France, but so far construction seems decent.)

    Dispite being round toe, the pitch of the heel and slight stretching did cause my heel to slip out, so I guess I'm doomed to adjusting/tightening with insoles.
  5. cute. nice choice.