Iso: Large Chocolate/white Cotton Signature Carly

  1. [​IMG]

    All the one's on eBay are damaged. I am trying to find one for a decent price and I can't! Please help! The one's that are damaged I would probably win, but does anyone know if I could fix the thread that is loose (where would I take it other than ship it back to Coach?, which i don't want to risk losing and getting merch credit) and also how would I remove the stains on the bottom without damaging the material?

    I used to have the medium in this fabric and I loved it, but it was a little too small so I returned it.

    Have I waited too long to find this bag?:shrugs:

    Please help!:crybaby:
  2. Sorry, I wish I could help. That is a beautiful bag. My only suggestion is that you might want to post also in the "find this" thread under the Coach shopping section in case someone there has seen one.
  3. I have the cotton Satchel from the same collection. There is basically no way to clean it except with a damp cloth and hand soap. As for repair, you never know what Coach will do.