Isn't it sad...

  1. That when we wear fabulous shoes as the centerpiece of an outfit, no one can see them for 80% of the day because they are hidden under our desks??

    Of course, *we* can see them, which makes it all worth it... but still! :rolleyes:
  2. I know what you mean. I have some great pairs of shoes but where I live no one knows what they are. Not that I want to brag about them, but it would be nice if someone notices. As long as I know, thats all that matters anyway.
  3. Sometimes this happens to me too but I do have 2 fabulous ways to show fabulous shoes.

    1. I work in customer service and every other day is my counter day - when I get to stand at the counter all day and help the walk-in customers, vendors, etc. so LOTS of people get a good look at my fabulous heels - needless to say I LOVE everything about that except having to stand on 4+ inch heels all day (no chairs in this area) - LOL

    2. I work nights in the ladies footwear department at Neiman Marcus and that is like THE place to show and talk about the most fabulous heels forever!

    ... and it is nice knowing that I am wearing KILLER heels at my desk the other days too - even if hardly anyone notices...actually though there are ways to have people notice our heels - if you really think about it girls...