Isn't It About Time

  1. For LV to show us what all those artists came up with?? Reimagining the Alma & such??? Has anybody seen them yet, or heard any more about it?
    I wanna see!!
    Papillon-by Shigeru ban
    keepall-by Sylvie Fluery
    Bucket - by Zaha Hadid
    Speedy- by Bruno Peinado
    Steamer- by Andree Putnam
    Lockit- by Ugo Randinone
    wardrobe- by James Turell
    ALMA- by Tim White-Sobiesky
    noe- by ROBERT WILSON!!!!!
  2. I remember something in September 15...
  3. Too far away :hysteric:
    I am not good at waiting, I guess I'll have to though:crybaby:
  4. Wow I'm so behind, I didnt even know they were reimagining the classics.
  5. Are there any pics for these?
  6. I would love pics! Robert Wilson noe.....whoa!
  7. I am looking forward to these..
  8. i'd like to see pics too.
  9. Same here! I saw this thread and I was like, "What?!? Where have I been?!?" lol! I can't wait to see these!:yahoo:
  10. Wow, I missed that thread as well. I cant wait to see what LV does to reimage the bags.
  11. for anyone who missed the thread...

  12. I can't wait to see them...
    I wonder which stores they'll be sent to.