Isabella Fiore owners..

  1. I just purchased a Whipflash Revival Kathleen on Thursday and I am waiting for it... Hopefully it will be here by tomorrow. My question is do you IF owners like them or have pics of them? It looked so beautiful online, but I am just anxious and am looking for opinions, pics, etc... Anything is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
  2. I am not familiar with that particular one. Sorry I can not be of help.
  3. I have The Whipflash Audra which I adore. My favorite IF bag. The Kathleen is a BIG bag so I opted for the smaller Audra.

  4. I have the dream weaver tote. The leather is great and the detail is really interesting. It's a little fussier than what I normally buy, but I always get compliments on the bag.
  5. I really love your bag!
  6. Lexie... your Audra is beautiful!!! Now Im even more excited! I know the Kathleen is big, but I love big bags, plus Im 5'8 140.. not a tiny girl, so I think it will be okay.
  7. I hope that you have all of your bags insured because you have quite a collection! Everytime I read your posts you get another beautiful bag-I am jealous!:yes:
  8. Jenni, you should be able to carry a bigger bag being 5'8". I bought an IF Maita bag awhile back from Saks. It was beautiful but huge. These bags are 7 inches in depth! so I hope you carry alot.

    I really don't have all that many bags. Like the Maita, I sell off what I am not using and definitely don't want.
  9. Great bags!! I love IF for the most part and now have, um, 5 I think! I love my 'sweet dreams' studded black hobo because it's a perfect size, but also have the Chain Reaction large shoulder tote (one of Megs' posts awhile back) that is huge but smooshy.

    Enjoy your IF!
  10. I don't have this exact syle but I did once buy an IF Carina leather hobo that had a lot of beautiful detail but the bag was ridiculously heavy, even when I didn't carry that much stuff in it. So I loved it but couldn't even carry it to run errands because it would get too painful (and I'm not a tiny gal) so it had to go back. The Kathleen is a little smaller so hopefully you won't have the same problems....definitely post pics when you get it!
  11. I don't have the Kathleen but I have a Dream Weaver Harriet and a Whipflash Audra... Aside from the overall shape of the Audra, my favorite thing about her is the leather - pretty, yet durable. It's one of those bags that you can lug around everywhere and don't have to worry about scuffs or dings. On the other hand, my Dream Weaver is a more delicate lambskin leather, and the different weave patterns could easily catch on things. I'm much more careful with that one!
  12. Thanks girls... I'll post pics as soon as I get it!!