Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneaker

  1. Mine too...wonder if I can wear them without socks...
  2. That's sort of familiar with the Bobby's I wore in summer this way and then they stretched out.
    Maybe there's hope. I'm gonna think about it.
  3. I'm gonna give it a go tomorrow...will report back :smile:
  4. YAY! I contributed to society somehow! Congrats:biggrin:
  5. It keeps saying that the 37s are available, but when you try to put them in your bag it says sold out. Something is wrong with their site.
  6. Oh bummer, sorry about that. Weird.
  7. Saw girl with red bobbys today...looked really nice! Wish I got them in red too!! Lol so funky & cool looking in red!!
  8. These are ridiculously gorgeous! CONGRATS!! Do you have mod pics?
  9. Just got my plum ("Lilas") Bobbys yesterday! Love them!

    If anyone in London is looking for them, Aime boutique on Ledbury Road (Westbourne Grove) still has some sizes in stock!
  10. Wow! The red is so red! Beautiful!

    Everyone who has the Bobby's in plum? Do you have mod pictures? I would love to see them in 'real life'!
  11. The style name for plum Bobbys is "Lilas".

  12. I will try and get you some. But not today, rainy and yucky out so I don't wear my IM on days like this!
  13. Does anybody know where I can get the black Beckett sneakers from in the UK? They always seem to be sold out everywhere.
  14. Do they have any other colours or just plum?