Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneaker

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  1. I just got these!! Totally love them. Call the Isabel Marant store in NYC, they are getting the fall/winter shipment in mid-July. They already have a wait list but the colors come in black/black, black/white and black/bordeaux -- good luck, they are so chic!

  2. YAY, I'd love to see them!!! :yes:

    Any sizing advice kbella? Your usual US size or euro size and the size you took in the IM sneaks???
    TIA :smile:
  3. ^ I will post some modeling pics soon :smile:

    They run pretty true to size. I wear a 8 US and a 38 euro. I got the size 38 in the IM. They don't have half sizes... Hope this helps!
  4. ^
    Thank you - very helpful :smile:
  5. do you mind if i ask what you paid for them and if you could post up a modeling pic please!
  6. ^^ I actually traded my friend for hers lol, she was selling them for $800 and I traded her this old Chanel jacket that I was going to sell anyway. I will try to take pics today... :smile:
  7. does anyone have modeling pics of theirs worn with different outfits?

  8. i know.. ive been curious how this looks on TPF ladies!

    Calisnoopy... were you able to find your July Jacket? I hope you got my PM?

  9. heyyy :smile: no luck on the July jacket sadly...hopefully will find one on eBay :smile:

    how did yours run...i'm usually a US 2-4 and Isabel's pieces run all over the place in sizing so i wasn't sure if I needed a 1 (my usual size in Isabel Marant tops) or bigger or smaller if it ran differently

    im getting the marine/ecru sneakers soon!
  10. adorably cute. i wish i could pull them off!