Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneaker

  1. I bought mines from Mytheresa and it worked out about $500 Aussie dollars.
  2. Thank you! I'm so excited!:yahoo:
  3. Haha, I should have added a disclaimer that said please excuse the random dirty stairwell! It was the only source of light outside of the bar we were at. :shame:
  4. I'm a 7.5 too and got the 38's-they are a perfect fit and plenty of room for a thin sock.

    Cute pairing Porter! ;)
  5. Thanks Jelly!
  6. So many great mods!!

    Still waiting for La Garconne to ship my Bazils... hopefully soon!!!
  7. So I'm slightly obsessing over the Gris grey color now but I'm wondering if its worth having 2 of the same shoes but different colors?

    For those ladies that already have them, do you find that they dirty easily?

    cute outfit Porter!
  8. Remind me which color you have again. I have a pair of Bazils coming my way, but I'm not sure if I'll be keeping them because I have way too many black shoes as it is. Plus, I feel like I should limit my sneaker fix this season just in case there are must-have colorways coming out in future seasons. Did I mention I'm trying to get my hands on a pair of red Bobbys too? I know, this addiction is getting out of hand and this forum does not help. ;).

    Gris is my favorite from this season because it has the most contrast yet is still extremely versatile. I sprayed mine with leather protector so hopefully that will help with keeping away the stains. The gray is dark enough to hide a little dirt. If I remember correctly, most of the lighter areas are leather not suede. As long as you don't step in mud puddles, I think you'll be ok. :smile:
  9. Ugh! Porter, you're not helping my addiction!! Lol I have the anthracite color way & I'm wondering maybe that's already too much grey as it is?
  10. Oooh, tough call! I would probably just stick to one of the greys but at the same time, each one has a different feel. After seeing the Anthracites IRL, I would even say that the Anthras are more comparable to a black because it has a dark, more mysterious feel (better for night) while the gris has more of a fun, day feel. Eek! Don't mean to make it harder for you but I'm sure IM put out 2 diff shades of grey on purpose so you would feel like you need both. Sigh...
  11. Yeah I agree w/ the Gris having a more day-time feel to them...decisions decisions
  12. I accidentally posted this on the IM boot thread, but Barney's has the taupe Beckett in size 6 & 7 online.
  13. love the pic porter!!
  14. still haven't used my newer 2012 sneakers..... so busy right now..

    but navy/ cream and black betty have been my staple..

    here is another older navy/ cream pic! thanks ladies for letting me share... keep the pics coming!
  15. I just got my Bobby sneaker from Morgan Clare. I had no idea that these suckers were made in china!! I can't believe Isabel Marant crossed to the other side!!