Isabel Marant clothes & accessories!

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  1. Hello.
    I decided Isabel marant deserved her own thread;)
    So who has clothes or jewelry from this brand?
    I only have a pompon bracelet from SS 2011 for now but Im planning on buying clothes and maybe a pompon necklace.
    Post pics!
  2. I really want to buy this sweater, but I'm having trouble finding it...
    Isabel Marrant sweater.jpg
  3. great thread ! I have many IM clothes & shoes :smile:

    Like those boots from F/W 2010


    Those pumps in black and in red (total crush lol)
  4. High-knee boots from F/W 2009, my favorite pair !

  5. ^^^ Lovely collection!! I love IM, especially the Etoile collection which is more in line with my budget. :smile:
  6. ^ I'm dying over the new star print Etoile chiffon blouse on NAP!
  7. Could someone please tell me about the sizing? Run large? Run small?
  8. French, those shoes are so cute!!
  9. FRENCH: love the boots!!

    I like the sneakers and the boucle jacket. Actually I like everything IM does lol.
    I saw the rugby dress in Elle and it looked very cute!
    Anyone know when the choker necklaces will be out?

    Here's my bracelet
  10. ^cute coco!
  11. I love that sweater too. Anyone know the price?

    Thanks lin!:smile:
  12. I have found that IM clothing generally runs a tad large.
  13. Love ISabel Marant. Post some more pics ladies!
    I will try to take pics of mine this weekend!
  14. Printemps ete 2011:

    ( I love everything:nuts: especially that purple pattern)
  15. So who has seen the new things on Net a Porter??
    There is not much on the american website :sad: but if you check out the french there's more choice.;)
    I love the exhibition necklace and the Yuli scarves. I will be looking out for them in April:graucho::graucho:
    Im dying for a Yuli scarf:nuts:The beige is beautiful but may get dirty too easily. Indigo seems better to care for. Indigo here I come:graucho::graucho:
    edit: i just noticed the pink stripes in the beige scarf.... I feel this will be a difficult decision.
    exhibition IM necklace.jpg yuli beige scarf.jpg yuli indigo scarf.jpg
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Not open for further replies.