Isabel Marant Boots thread!

  1. NAP told me that they will NOT be getting the Gris and Kaki this season. I had to order mine through Matches and La Garconne.
  2. Just opened khaki Jennys from NAP. They are gorgeous!!!! But the 37's are a little snug, I'm ordering the 38's for comparison. I'll definitely keep one pair, though!
  3. How tall are you? I just received mine and love them. :love:They don't make me look short..she's a genius-plus the wedge is a perfect height for me. I'm 5' 5" btw.

    Congrats! Good to hear you love them. The khaki's look lovely...just ordered the leather pair. Hope they are as nice as the suedes. ;)
  4. Jelly...congrats, we want to see your mod pic! How high are the heels? 3.5 inch or taller?
  5. Thanks Tonka! Received them yesterday and almost took some pixs but it got too late and was too hot. Will do soon! I'll check but they seem to be 3.5", very do able. :biggrin:
  6. Yeah, Congrats!!! Is it comfortable? Do you mind doing a review on the fit? Do you think you can walk w/ it all day? i can't wait to see some mod pics.
  7. Jelly!! you got the jacobs?? What's your review? PICS PLS!!!!! :woot:
  8. Thanks ladies! I will try my best to do a review. It was late last night so I only tried them on very quickly. Very comfy tho is my first initial reaction and could see myself all day in them. The black suede is so rich and the fringes are just fab! They didn't disappoint! Will have time this weekend for mod pix. :cool: I can't wait for you to get yours Rara!:p
  9. Awesome!! They sound gorgeous. I ordered mine in Green (yikes!) finally. Don't know when they will be here but should be sometime next week. I made sure that they had a return policy just in case! :p I still wonder if I should have gotten black but I know I had to try the green first!
  10. Jelly, do you think the heel height is the same as the Memphis. I'm glad it's comfy, that's really a big plus!
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    Posted this in the IM clothing thread but figured I might as well x-post it to the boots thread for reference. All the boot names was making me dizzy and I could not remember which has stitching and which had studding/which had the "bullet" belt around it, etc.



    Don't mind the prices in the first image - they may not be accurate!!!


    - Just in case the Memphis ends up looking like this, here's the image.
  12. Columbine Smille posted this photo wearing the Lazios!

  13. Wow, thanks for the lineup, they all look so gorgeous. I thought the Memphis & the Berry were the same, but i can now see the difference. So, i'm guessing from the look of Berry & Memphis detailing, Memphis is more expensive. I'm gravitated towards the Berry in Red, after looking at all these pictures.

    Thanks for sharing, this really helps.
  14. This image is from Barneys. They are styling the new IM clothing with what appears to be the Berry cone heel boot. I imagine we could assume from this that they will be carrying this style?? :tup:
    Picture 3.png
  15. brigitte, you rock! this is fantastic!