Isabel Marant Boots thread!

  1. Wow! What a complete nightmare. And then they didn't even fit. Such a bummer.

    I just received my khaki Dickers from La Garconne today as well. I always choose the option "Hold at FedEx Facility". If you have a FedEx mail store near you I'd suggest doing that. Of course you have to then go pick up your package, but you always get it the day of delivery or before. I used to always miss being at home to sign for packages. And there's plenty of FedEx stores now a days. It doesn't have to be the main facility.

    Hopefully your next pair will fit perfectly. :smile:

    On a side note, I'd just like to say that I love this seasons khaki. It's a completely different shade than the green khaki from last season. It's like a light tannish beige color. No green hue whatsoever. Very pretty. I still love my green pair, but these are going to go with absolutely everything. 2 thumbs up!
  2. I agree Khaki this year is fantastic!! Actually all the colours this season seem more neutral than last seasons, Taupe was too brown, camel too yellow and khaki too green, this is all my opinion, but I think this seasons are so wearable that I have 2 colours so far!!!:nuts:
  3. Not sure if anyone answered this for you but you should definitely get a size 36 if you are a size 6. They don't run narrow, but I think they would be too tight for wide feet.
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    Does anyone know what stores are or will be carrying this exact style? I think they are called the 'Milwauke' boots? Also, any idea of the heel height?? Thanks so much in advance!
    Screen shot 2012-06-11 at 10.27.33 PM.png
  5. What size did you order in the Jenny boots? Do these fit like the Dickers?

    I just got a pair of black leather Dickers at Barneys NY!!!
    If you want a pair, call my sales girl, Stacey at 646-335-0978
    Tell her that JULIE referred you, and she will take care of you!
    They just got the shipment in TODAY! All sizes!!!! Stacey will ship them to you! She is soooo nice! Make sure to ask for Stacey, I want her to get the credit, she was so sweet and helpful!! Let me know who gets them!!!!!
  7. OH BY THE WAY, since I got the leather Dickers at Barneys I had to cancel my Pre-order at Lagarconne. I emailed them to cancel. Is there a faster/better way to cancel a pre-order with them? THANKS!!!
  8. Hi there..
    I ordered this from Espejto italy last month.. preorder rather.

    and cancelled yesterday with a heavy heart as i know i will be using my sneakers more... i already am regretting it... but , dickers and marant sneakers are more bang for your buck as i use them more..

    but these are so gorgeous!!!

    email espejto italy .. good luck!;)

  9. So here are my dickers and dixie. I was waiting for today, but its raining so no outside photos. So from the top!:pDixies in chocolate (is that the colour?) Dickers in Khaki, Gris and Anthracite. My neutral collection!!:biggrin:Thanks for letting me share!:flowers:
  10. WOW! :love::drool: Are the dixies a recent purchase? If so where did you find them?

  11. Thanks for the pic! They are all so pretty! Are your anthracite ones older? I would have loved that color...thought I do love my black.
  12. Has anyone preordered the Dicker boots from Espejto? I ordered a while back, but they haven't shipped yet and I can't wait!! The boots seem to have arrived at all other online retailers so I don't know why it's taking so long!
  13. :cray: I'm going banana's!!!!

    I want the taupe bobby's soooooo bad (or black boston would be fine too). Can't find them anywhere! :panic:
    Does anyone know if they will arrive online at Mytheresa or NAP? Or at a Dutch store? It's driving me crazy. And for that I just bought another pair of dickers (gris, very lovely colour!)... But I would rather have the bobby's
    If somebody has more information, please let me know! TIA
  14. Did anyone order these beauties???
  15. I emailed Mytheresa and NAP last week - they said they are not getting any more Bobby/Betty sneakers. I don't think Mytheresa had any in the low-top sneaker style this season. The only store I know of that has the taupe Bobby's is the IM boutique in NY - and the Bostons for preorder at
    Matches in the UK will be stocking the khaki and red Bobbys.
    Hope you can find them!