Is your nail salon safe??

  1. One of our news station did a "special investigation" on our local nail salons. Let me tell you, the report was ALARMING! I have linked to the report. You can watch what actually aired by clicking the video(s) on the left. Ladies(and men!) please be observant of what is going on(cleaning, sanitizing, etc.) next time you hit up your salon!
  2. From what I have observed in a few salons I have now decided to do my pedicure at home. My one friend has a toenail fungus (she feels she got it from her salon)---well in spite of having a toenail fungus they still do pedicures on her because they like her. So it's like NO I don't want to ever go to your salon...... Then when I was having a pedicure done about 3 months ago. It was a total rush job, they were just taking walk ins one after another. I was sitting and noticed how they did NOT clean the pedicure bath very well next to me. I was like UGH---don't think I will go back again. So I have my nice pedicure products and my heated foot spa and can sit and soak my feet and know everything is clean......
    If you sit at a salon and take the time to really observe what is going on you can pick up on some interesting stuff.
  3. I haven't gotten any nail work done in any salon anymore because I cannot stand to think of catching anything! I do my own mani and pedis. Plus, in my area theres a lot of Viet manicurist who do nails, and I feel a bit awkward when they're speaking their language while doing my nails. (even though I'm part viet, i dont speak a lick aside from like one word!) one time my friend (who was very fluent) went with me, and she told me they were talking smack about me. i stopped going. (and Val, just so you know, with my mom saying I have the common "Asian Flat Face" curse, I've also been blessed with the Asian Nail Art skills. Haha! Joke joke!)
  4. ^ Congrats on your engagement! When't the big day?

    Yikes, I'd stick to my DIY.
    Oh by the way, hair salons are even more unhygienic! Some upmarket hair salons do facials too, be very careful! At least nail salons are heavy users of alcohol-based solutions (apart from polish), alcohol kills bacteria.
  5. ^^omg, you are too funny!!

    I used to go get my nails and feet done religiously every 2 weeks(pedi's every month). After I stopped getting my nails done about a year ago, I started doing everything on my own. Went out and got me a little foot spa, and all the other stuff, like you gilliana. Now that I do everything on my own(which I LOVE! I get to control everything, and do it the way I want!), I look back and think of how unsanitary the salon I used to go to was! It grosses me out...
  6. Thanks!! :love: Our pending time frame is Summer 2009. (Thinking of having it either at the beach in San Diego, or at Balboa Park.) It's kind of up in the air right now due to family illnesses that's going on. Once everyone is taken care of, I'll start to go full throttle. :yahoo:
  7. With all this talk from Valeezy (ha) and chipmunk-pnw, I'm really really in the mood to do my own nails right about now. (with my new ELF polish!!) :tup::tup:
  8. The thing I love about my salon is that they sanitize the tools right there in front of you. That's actually how they start your mani or pedi -- cleaning the tools.
  9. Its a bit pricey, but its worth to get them done at a RED Door salon. Very relaxing and they use a bowl with stones in them. The bowls are cleaned with bleach and they are always clean. Even though you it may seem that the chairs with the tub at the end are clean, the jets and filters can contain the bacteria, but the bowls have nothing to hide. Best pedicure our there.
  10. Not just the control, think about all the money we save from salon visits, we can afford more shoes and bags!
  11. yes. there was coverage of a nail salon on the news awhile ago about clients getting Hep C from the foot baths when getting a pedi!

    scary stuff indeed. I have been particulary vigilant when i get my nails done. I like to watch them clean the tub before they give me a pedi.

    so far no complaints at my salon [but you never know] they use disposable emory boards, and a bottle of germicide to store clippers and the lot. guess thats ok.
  12. i bring in my own bottle of disinfectant
    i was in spray where im getting my pedi then while it's sitting their i pick out my color and i bring my own tools
  13. :tdown:I heard of someone getting Hepatitis C from a nail salon...
  14. i'm soooo wary of cheapie nail salons. i go to bellacures in beverly hills and they have sterilized tools for every customer and removable plastic around their tubs. they are pricey but worth it!
  15. Not ALL salons have poor standards, and we are all adults so we should be doing homework on places we pay money to for services. Ask questions of the stylists and techs, and ask for a tour of the facility and ask how they practice cleaning standards.
    At the day spa I worked at in college, we were always showing people around and explaining things if they had questions. Plus our owner was kind of a freak about maintaining standards so things were always in good condition.
    It IS possible to find places that have high standards, you just have to find them.

    While I usually do my own pedicures, sometimes it is nice to go somewhere upscale and relax a bit, it's fun to get pampered.