Is white east west bag seasonal?

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  1. limited? or is it available all year round?

    What about other colors, like violet?:flowers: :flowers:
  2. White is one of the basic colors, but tends to only come out for the spring/summer collections, so it is hard to track down now. I would wait for the spring 2007 line to come out, and I imagine you could get one then.
  3. Thanks. By the way, I love yoru classic white flap.:love:
  4. Thanks! The white is really a fabulous color with the silver HW... defnitely get it in caviar so it'll stay clean :yes:
  5. Yes, I will get it in spring.
  6. Call Nm in Palo Alto and ask for Starr. They might be able to get one in for you.
  7. violet and the slate blue that is currently available is seasonal =)
  8. white comes out during winter. If you want a white caviar its best to get it before April
  9. ^ I got mine.. but laminated (shiny) skin last Feb from paris boutique.. and the caviar one few years ago..