is violet really here?

  1. so i got a call today from my sa asking if i was interested in a purple brief with silver giant hardware. since she's not very *up* on the official names i grilled her a bit and she was adamant that it is indeed purple. i was under the impression that violet wasn't coming out for a while but i had her send it to me so we shall see!
  2. That would be an unexpected surprise! I hope it is!
  3. it's Barney's which is even stranger because in my experience, they don't get the new colors first. but i ask myself, if it's not violet, what else could it be that looks purple?
  4. weird! Maybe it's a purpley ocean? Let us know when you get it! Exciting!
  5. Well of course I had to immediately call BalNY and Kim said that no, violet should not be in until - at the earliest - mid-July. At least, that's the current party line. ;)
  6. Hmmm, I thought it wasn't until end of July!
  7. Fiatflux, thanks for calling and checking. My heart leaped when I saw this thread since I didn't get a call yet from Balny. We'll have to wait patiently for another month. It's good for the wallet, but very hard to do.
  8. Maybe a Marine :confused1: I'm dying to know, when will it arrive?
  9. My SA at Nordies and NM both asked if I wanted a Violine and then couldn't find it, LOL

    I think the color is showing up on their order systems now and they don't know that it physically won't be in for weeks.
  10. A lot of SAs will look to see that a certain item has been ordered and then don't check to see which delivery time that color is suppose to arrive. I had that happen at Nordstrom too, so I looked at the book myself and pointed out that "violine" will not arrive until the second wave of shipments, which they have as starting on 7/15/07.
  11. My SA at NM in Vegas mentioned the "Violine" as well. I didn't inquire further on it as it isn't a color I am contemplating for myself but he called it Violine/Brown....which seemed odd to me.