Is turenne a brand new bag?

  1. I called 866 vuitton and they said it was just released a few days ago, now elux is sold out. I don't even see it on the vuitton site, maybe I'm just blind. I read the posts on this and it doesn't seem like anybody likes this style, I was just wondering why? I want an epi shoulder bag and this seems like a good bag. Any thoughts?
  2. Yes. This is a brand new bag. I personally do not care for the style. I think that it looks really, really, odd.
  3. I feel the exact opposite. I love it. I think it looks perfect for my life. (I don't see it on elux anymore but I got an email about the new epi.)
  4. hmmm I saw it today at my LV boutique in was OKAY....prefer it in red :biggrin:
  5. Yes, it has been on Elux for the last few days. Personally, this bag does not "trip my triggger". It just looks to ordinary. Maybe, if I saw it in real life.