Is this what my Kelly will look like?

  1. I was looking at a 70's box calf Kelly from the website. Is that really what my Kelly will look like in 30 years???? I love how it looks now, all rigid and shiny. The bottom bag looks kinda slouchy. I know that bag a souple so is suppose to be slouchy however I'm wondering what a rigide Kelly would look like after years of use.

    Do any of you have a vintage rigid Kelly? How old is it and what condition is it in? Any pics would be appreciated.

    I'm hoping that if I a careful with my bag and take it in yearly for refurbishment it will still look great when I pass it in to my daughter.


    TO THIS???

    (picture of a box calf bag from
  2. I think the second one is a retourné... Can't have been taken such great care of either...
  3. Nope. Yours is sellier, outside stitching and the older one is a retourne with inside stitching. Yours will hold it's shape much better.
  4. Plus, maybe the LZ bag was the one the elephant sat on! Yikes!
  5. I hope my bags look better than I do after 30 years:roflmfao:

    Scarlett, there's no reason to feel your beautiful sellier Kelly will be anything other than gorgeous. My little Mini Kelly is 15 years old and she looks ( well almost ) brand new. ( a tiny version of your lovely bag!)
  6. whew, thanks for your assurance, guys.

    isus, do you take yours in yearly for refurbishments? there are a few scratches and i wonder if the best thing to do is to bring it in yearly?

    shopmom, i wouldn't be surprised if it is the one. i was shocked when i saw it!
  7. Scarlett.....a yearly Spa treatment is really the optimum way to go IMO. I'll be bringing my Box HAC in once Noisette comes back (I just can't be without TWO bags at one time!!!)
  8. Thanks, SM. I was just thinking of doing that.....once I have another H bag to rotate. I figured I would use my bag most during fall and winter. When spring rolls around, I may be ready for a lighter-colored bag. Maybe I'll get lucky and find my Birkin sometime this winter. Then I'll bring my Kelly in. :wlae:
  9. Though I think that old Kelly's leather has aged beautifully. Yours will age with character and grace I'm sure if you shower it with all the love you have for it, nothing keeps a lady looking young and radiant like LOVE baby!
  10. I just recently bought a rouge H kelly vintage from the 50's retourne box and it is in excellent condition! Don't worry! If you take care of it, I'm sure it'll look better than ever and won't slouch esp. since its a sellier!!! I have yet to bring her in for a spa treatment bc I can't bear to part w/ her for over 2 months!!! I'm waiting for a replacement for her in the mean time b4 I give her a facial!!! BTW, here are pics of my baby to compare...
  11. oops..sorry didn't post the they go!
    Vintage Kelly 001-edit.jpg Vintage Kelly 002-edit.jpg Vintage Kelly 008-edit.jpg
  12. ^^ She is so beautiful. That patina is amazing! Congrats on finding one in such excellent condition!
  13. thanks for posting those pictures Moviegirl. the bag looks so lovely for her age. you all have assured me that as long as i take good care of my bag, it will last a long time, long enough to pass on to my daughter.
  14. do not worry, the outside stiching helps alot in keeping shape. :s Also what you do with it "in use" will affect its appearance;)