Is this weird to you purse lovers???

  1. So I was in Starbucks this morning waiting in an extremely long line (literally out the door). As I was checking out the peeps in line, when I noticed a tall guy with a long black wool coat, black slacks, nice shoes holding a .............
    Gucci tote. It was the brown monogram and he also had a LV charm on it! He was carrying it like us girls do, on the forearm. I'm not going to be judgmental and say he was gay, because he might not be and it really doesn't matter. But either way, what do you think of men carrying "bags" (not messenger bags). Would you date a guy that carried a "man bag", but one that is obviously a woman's accessory?
  2. i dont find it weird. then again i'm a guy. i do find it weird when they cross the line and carry AN ACTUAL purse.. a tote can be pulled off by anyone.. it's just a tote after all. it's not like.. say.. a Theda.. or a Speedy.. or a Papillion... or a Manhattan, or a Birkin.. or a Bbag... or a.. etc

    you get the picture. i've carried gucci totes and lv totes and didn't really care what other people thought.
  3. He does sound stylish! Was he cute? More importantly was the Gucci tote cute? I am starting to like the look of them. I always kind of felt it wasn't fair we have these great bags to put alot of stuff in...and guys are regulated to backpacks and messenger bags.
  4. I don't think it's weird at all - I think it's great! Labeling certain types of bags as "for women only" is just so silly and arbitrary to me.
  5. my guy friends carry bags like that too. but mostly are big bags like balenciaga, chloe edith or JPG.
    one of them even carry hermes birkin :smile:
  6. husband would never carry a bag like that but he does carry a briefcase for work (a nice Coach one). I think it's an attractive thing when a man is into nice things - I kind of like metrosexual men. Personally I think it takes a real man to pull this or not gay.
  7. The charm part is kind of weird. I mean, if he's into bags, okay. :shrug:
  8. I actually just bought my husband a Montblonc messenger bag because I'm too fed up with him carrying car key, wallet, cel phone, and cigarette box all in his hand. he looks fabulous with it!
  9. sure, I think it's cool to see that guys have the confidence to carry something that's not normal for guys to wear. I love it:love:
  10. I wouldn't date him because I wouldn't want to share my collection with him- or anyone. :smile: lol
  11. I think it's cool for a guy to carry something that is normally a woman's accessory. I might find it weird if he carried something that was very girly, like a purse with tons of sparkles.
  12. I agree! I'm a guy and I wouldn't mind carrying a women's bag that looks unisex (like nothing too girly or fancy). But once when I was downtown I saw this guy dressed all in black wearing a gold metallic leather boston-bag style bag (hand-carried) and I thought that was very weird, because the bag stood out too much.
  13. One of those oh-so-special bags made out of all sequins? hehehehe.
  14. certainly not the usual.
  15. Maybe it was his girlfriend's or mother's bag and she was in the bathroom?