Is this true?

  1. Is this true?:

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Hermes purse known as the Kelly bag. The Kelly is the most coveted vintage fashion accessory in the world.

    Found it here:

    Northwest Indiana News:

    For some reason, I thought the Kelly was created sometime in the 1930's?????
  2. I read that too,. but I don't know if it's true! HG! where's my girl at!!! HG,...trivia!
  3. OOOOOOO Bagg....Nice avatar! Love that Kelly and love the scarf on it. Which one is it? (I'm starting a serious obsession with scarves since I'm on a bag-buying hiatus....)

    The Kelly was actually created before the 50's (HG! Where are you, girl?) but Grace Kelly made it a household word. Now....this is what I read somewhere but HG would be able to tell us the REAL truth!
  4. Yeah! 1956! Happy Birthday to Hermes's Grand Dame!!!!!

    We need to celebrate!!!
  5. REALLY?????? 1956???? WOW! HG I knew you'd come through......

    I wonder what it was that was created in the 30's then....HAC? HG? think it was the HAC?
  6. Oh man,.. really!!!!! We need a cake! and sing happy birthday to Kelly!!!
  7. Ok, here we go!!!!!

    Happy birthday to you, cha!, cha! , cha!
    Happy Birthday to you,.. cha!, cha!, cha!
    Happy birthday dear Kelly!
    Happy Birthday to you! Cha! cha!-cha!-cha!-cha!

  8. Pm'n you about the scarf shopmom
  9. I love that cake.....

    I really thought it was first created in the 1930's.....hmmm....wonder if they'll issue a 50th anniversary Kelly? I'm gonna ask the SA's.....
  10. Okay shopmom, since I couldn't upload the scarf in the pm here it is:

    Eperon D'Or
    Pocket Square Eperon D'Or.JPG
  11. Bagg, what a beautiful scarf!
  12. Thanks Sue, :flowers:

  13. LOL Baggs You are too cute!!! and the cake is the same one on your avatar, too! (or is it shopmom's "mustard" color?):upsidedown:
  14. It's the cake that Peanut posted on another thread. A Kelly cake!
  15. Created in 1892 as a large saddle carrier -- the French fashion house started out as a saddlemaker -- the bag was downsized for daywear in the 1930s.

    They're talking about the original design, the HAC, which was downsized in the 1930's for daywear....appeared on the cover of Life Magazine being carried by Grace Kelly in 1956...from then on known as the Kelly Bag....

    The name is 50 years old, the design as a handbag id much older....

    whew, glad I sorted that out!