Is this true about pet shelters?? I want to adopt.

  1. Since one of my dogs died . Ive wanted another one to keep the one company she was used to have her mom. Well so me and my DH decided lets adopt. So he got on the website and saw cute pitbulls that we can adopt . he kept telling me how cute they are and everything. So he made call to see what we needed to do so we can adopt. This is what he got. To be able to adopt a dog we need the deed of the house, or the mortgage bill. We dont own the house that we live in. It's my parents house that they gave us for our wedding. But we dont pay mortgage just the essential bills. Why cant we adopt????? Unless we own a home??? Is it like that everywhere. Im very upset because we plan to give a dog a great home and their not letting us!!!!! It p**sing me off.:cursing: Sorry. So need ure help to understand why do they need proof of home ownership.
  2. There is a thread on this forum where a girl is hearbroken because the living situation she had set up for her puppy is not working out and now she needs to find a home for him.

    I think that this is why the shelters require that you own your own home...they don't want dogs getting returned to them because the owner of the home you rent finds out, it destroys your parent's lawn, etc. etc.

    I know it is frustrating, but they are doing this for the animal's well being.

    Is there any way you could have your parents go with you and show them the deed and explain the situation? Maybe that will suffice??

    Good luck, and I commend you for adopting! You are saving a life :smile:
  3. I really doubt they expect you to own the home. Call them and get the details. If not that shelter, try another, there are so many needy pooches out there.
  4. thats crazy i've adopted cats before from a shelter and they need to know if you rent if its okay to have animals but i've never heard of that? Maybe its because its a pit bull??? I dont know??? Weird?
  5. I think maybe they might say " do you rent or own" and if you say "own" they might want proof, cause what happens a lot is renters get animals that the landlord does not approve of and then they have to get rid of the pet. If you rent, often they will require a note from the property owner saying it is OK for you to have a pet.
  6. I am involved with a local animal rescue group and the local humane society and that is not a 'requirement'. However, a lot of places will do a home visit to make sure that you have the means and abilities to take responsibility of a new animal. Just keep persuing the shelter or group to show that you are serious about adoption. And like another post said, you may be able to get a notorized statement saying of your living arrangements. Most of these place should be willing to talk, if not, there not a very good organization and may not have the dogs interest at heart. I am not familiar with the area you live in, but may I suggest you taking a look on . It list animals available in your area, plus you can expand your area search. If you are looking for another Pit, you can contact some Pit specific organizations through Petfinder. It's a great site to find a new friend.
    One thing about were I live, insurance companies try to bully people into carrying extra insurance because of owning a's a bunch of crap.
  7. ^^ Raleigh has a great point. When we adopted our dogs, the rescue sent a rep for a home visit. Although my friends thought that was nuts, I totally understood. The lady and I got to talking and she said you'd be *amazed* at the people who apply for dogs and assure them they have a huge fenced-in backyard, but in reality live in apartments. For some dogs, this is just not condusive for their lifestyle and to adopt them to someone who doesn't have a yard is unfair.

    I know it seems like they're making you jump through a lot of hoops, but unfortunately it's probably because they've had people decieve them in the past. I imagine they think that if you really want the dog, you'll do whatever is necessary. Good luck! :flowers:
  8. I know many shelters in my area require a home visit before adoption to make sure the environment is suitable (and hopefully permanent) for a dog. Since these dogs have already been given up or came from a bad situation, the shelter wants to find as close to ideal conditions as possible. It's frustrating when you want to give a good home to a pet and you have to go through this, but remember they are just trying to make sure the pet isn't brought back in a few months by a less than dedicated owner.
  9. yea i would call back and ask for more info

    and try another shelter too if that doesnt work cause there are tonnnns of animals out there who need homes!

    i applaude you 2 :smile: saving one life makes a huge difference :smile:
  10. when I adopted my kitties, they needed proof that I either owned my home or was allowed by the lanlord to have pets. I think this is a great great great rule, because it keeps people like that other girl posting on the board who didn't have her act together when she got a puppy and now she has to give it away.

    Maybe you could bring your mom or something with you to the shelter to prove that you live in a home and it's all stable and allowed, etc.

    Good luck!
  11. call back. when I adopted a dog before I owned my current home, all the shealter asked for was a letter from my landlord stating it was ok I have a dog. I go in and speak to someone.
  12. They may be especially wary and want to verify its allowed...since most landlords don't want pit bulls living in their properties due to the bad reputation they have. Rather than adopt out a pit thats going to end up back at the shelter they probably want to make sure it can go to a permanent home. Talk to the shelter...if need be have them call your parents to verify they own the home and don't have any restrictions on you for animals.
  13. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. It sounds like you are clearly ready to take that on. Lots of people think that puppies are cute and then the first time they dig up a lawn or chew a shoe, they are ready to take them back.
    They are probably just being cautious (maybe overly) but you are an animal lover, know that it is for the good of the dog.
    We bought our 1st Dal without any dog experience and trust me, it was hard! He ate a bottle of 250 tablets of Advil, chewed all DHs credit cards, ate matches, money and pictures and destroyed all the computer disks (yeah, remember those days!) In his old age, he was diabetic and needed 2 shots of insulin a day and we revolved our schedule around that.
    It's just that ALOT of people won't do that - you clearly will, the shelter is just makin' sure!
    Make sure to post pics of that new baby when he/she comes home.
    Sorry for jumping on a soapbox and the thread hi-jack
  14. Update? Let us know how things are going. :smile: I'm sure a meeting with your parents is enough.