is this supposed to be normal?

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  1. I ordered the speedy 30 in mini lin ebony from Eluxury. The leather tabs on the side are wrinkled and are starting to curl a bit. Is this normal???
  2. The bag sounds like it had been used and returned by the previous purchaser.

    A totally brand new bag's leather tabs would be totally smooth and straight (no "curling").
  3. ^^^ I agree.
  4. ughh now i have to go through the hassle of returning it AND pay for shipping fees =(
  5. Return it. When you pay that kind of money you must demand Perfection or at least darn near's your right as a consumer of luxury goods (SMILE).
  6. So sorry :sad:
  7. Mine are like that and my bag came with plastic on it.
  8. That is normal for the Mini Lin bags. The leather has a pebbled texture (wrinkles) and will curl. No worries!!
  9. Hmm then maybe I should keep it afterall.
  10. Whoops, I'm sorry - I misunderstood the OP's original description and thought she was referring to wrinkling that was way beyond the natural grained/pebbled texture of the leather tabs.
  11. It's normal. I've rec'd many brand new Speedies and some of the leaves have curled. No worries.
  12. ^^I have a ML Speedy, and thought the same thing..but is normal for the Mini Lin Speedy...The tabs look wrinkled and aged to me. I likey!!!!! :yes: :p
  13. Exchange it if you are not completely happy with it.
  14. It's normal!! No problems!
  15. If youare not happy with it, return it and get another one .