Is this seller LEGIT?

  1. Largely yes, although I have heard about a few mishaps where fakes were inadvertently sold. It doesn't appear to be their intention, but they handle a lot of goods.
  2. thanks ... do you know what it was (fake) that was sold & was it refunded?
  3. This seller is currently selling real and fake LV - I personally avoid ANY sellers that do so. JMHO
  4. I just bought 2 bags from them and they are both authentic.
  5. That's great to know!:cursing:
  6. i had made bids on several items.. well the Hermes goodies but never won.. had been offered several second chance opportunities but do not have a purchase from them yet so can't say much about the authenticity of the item in close proximity..
  7. They sometimes sell vintage watches (I'm a collector of ladies' Art Deco watches). I've never won one of their auctions, usually because their reserve is higher than the value of the watch.