is this real or what's the story?

  1. Yes it's real, 2 summers ago, came in blue too.....not VIP tho, easy to get when it was new.
  2. Opps, forgot to say, there were really cute matching towels too :graucho:
  3. That is cute! Never seen that colour before though. I thought I saw a blue before but wasn't sure if it was real (the one I saw anyways).
  4. i've seen that auction before and that bag is cute!
  5. I've seen it before and it's really cute. I wonder why I didn't get it back then.
  6. cute..
  7. cute
  8. it's from 2005 but it was limited. Few people were interested in it that why you probably saw it. Karen Kooper had one

  9. I think it is a really UGLY bag.......It looks like something a clown should carry. Sorry but my opinion on this is that there are nicer things to spend money on.
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ---gilliana - hehehehe

    yeah not for me either.
  11. I think that for some people who may like that bag, your comment might come off as a bit 'rude', no offense, really. :flowers:

    It's not my cup of tea either, but I think that on the right girl, it would look FABULOUS :yes:
  12. I remember seeing these when they were in the stores. The bag is made of a towel!!!! I don't know where LV gets their prices. Insane.
  13. The retail price was $2000. This bag is huge, great for the beach.
  14. Oh yea I remember that one. It´s cute but not worth that much imo.