Is this possible?

  1. I've been selling designer jeans on eBay.
    About a month ago, I shipped a pair out to ITALY.
    They just arrived to the buyer, who contacted me and told me they were the wrong size.
    Anyway, I supposed I might have sent out the wrong pair, but I'm not so sure as hers was the first pair of jeans I ever sold and they only pair I packaged that week.

    She told me that she managed to sell the jeans to a friend, but would still like another pair in a smaller size exactly like the ones I shipped out. She told me that the jeans I sold her had white crowns with white stitching.

    When the auction ended, I remembered specifically e-mailing her about which pair she wanted since I had a few pairs in that size...and she had replied that she wanted "white crowns with YELLOW stitching"

    I can't see how I would have sent her not only the wrong COLOR combo, but also the wrong SIZE? The weird thing is that she's now saying that she always wanted white/white...although I have an e-mail that says to the contrary. :confused1:

    It took Italian customs more than 3 weeks to get the package to her from the time they received it.

    Is it possible that something could be switched at customs and she possibly could have ended up with fakes that someone put in her package? I'm paying to ship her a new pair, but since I'm eating the shipping costs and going on a mad hunt to find her these new jeans with WHITE stitching...I want to make sure that all my effort is through my own mistake and not something that happened out of my hands.

  2. Is it possible that something could be switched at customs and she possibly could have ended up with fakes that someone put in her package?

    To be honest, it's very unlikely..

    Fo you still have the email she sent you regarding "white crowns with YELLOW stitching"

    I think she just changed her mind..
  3. I do have that e-mail.
    Which is why I don't know how I could have possibly sent the wrong pair.
    POSSIBLY the wrong size, since I had them in 3 sizes, but I can't see folding up white/white after she asked for white/yellow.

    I'm dumbfounded.

    I asked her to take a picture of the jeans I sent her to be sure that the ones she got are the ones I shipped.
  4. Were you drunk the day you sent it? ;)

    Kidding! It is unlikely you could have shipped wrong colour and wrong size?! I don't know what Italian custom is like, but it's quite possible that they switched it and also quite likely she's pulling your leg. Ask for pictures of the jeans you sent her and you'll have to recall if you actually had those jeans. Sorry, no help whatsoever! :push:
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if she changed her mind... I've had several problems selling jeans on eBay. It's really not worth the hassle with these buyers!
  6. :wacko: I think I must have been drunk because I DID send the wrong size!
    She sent pictures of the jeans :s :shame:
    She says she did ask for white and white, so at least, according to her I only blundered on one count.

    So now I'm off to try and remedy the situation...
  7. wait, how many colors/sizes do you have? have you checked your stock to see if you have the pair she claims to have gotten?
  8. Yeah...I actually did the math and it would have been possible.
    At least she's being cool about it and I had a pair returned that was the pair that should have been sent to her to begin with. So all ended well :smile:
  9. Ask her to copy-paste you the email that she asked you for white/white.

    Beware, thought she has/just bought white/yellow that she doesn't like and try to swap with your white/white!