Is this possible?

  1. TO convert a mini agenda into a wallet? Any way to add CC inserts or something? Or is my best bet a ludlow?
  2. If there's a long slot in the back or front, you can add those plastic sleeves that you can buy most anywhere. They have the one piece of plastic that you slide in the slot, then it has those plastic CC/picture holders attached.
  3. Rebecca thanks for this info. I may have to buy it now
  4. ooh- that's a great idea! I may have to get that anniversary mini agenda on Let-trade :devil:
  5. yes, it's very possible. There are a few threads on here about it. Filofax has some accessories for it.
  6. You're welcome! :smile:
  7. I did it to mine, bought the filofax inserts and use it both as an agenda and a wallet. I love it! I get lots of complements as well from my Pomme Agenda.
  8. I like the filofax products