Is this over the top?

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  1. Maybe I am losing it, but I am thinking of getting a tote to carry my legacy in during the bad rain we get in the winter. Has anyone here gotten a bag for their bag?
  2. Nope, would you get a Coach tote or another brand? I usually just stash it under my coat or cover it with something.
  3. I think I would go with a less expensive brand. I do have a large leather croc tote that I use for a gym bag and I think I could put my purse in there when it gets bad.
  4. me personally, i think you're over-doing it. however i do think it depends on the bag...

    i look at a leather bag like i look at a leather should be able to withstand the elements. obviously this depends on the type of bag/leather (like LV vachetta, i wouldn't use in the elements, unless it were an older bag).

    i own a lot of coach leather bags...all i do is moisturize before i use the bag, and then don't think about it. i live in ohio so we get tons of rain and snow and i never have had a problem...i don't have any lighter colored leather bags (all mine are mahogany, black, etc.) but i imagine i will treat it the same way.
  5. I never really dealt with this until I started carrying LV. What might work better is to have some "rainy day" bags for days when you know it will be yucky. With my LV I always choose damier or epi for bad weather. If you are afraid of a sudden rainstorm you can buy a really cheap poncho or plastic bag and have it in your bag all folded up. I also wanted to mention that I have used Wilson's leather spray and it does a wonderful job of protecting against water. You have to wipe the water off right away so it won't help if you get soaked but it will help protect against spotting.
  6. ..I would understand for a hermes, lots of girls get longchamp for that, but I wouldn't for a coach leather bag, I would just get another bag to use int he rain.
  7. What would happen if the legacy leather got wet? I'm scared now...hahahah
  8. The sa told me if it gets wet to just let it dry and it should be fine. I just don't want it looking water spotted.
  9. I admit that I stash a plastic bag in a little makeup bag inside my nicer bags in case of rain, then I just pop the plastic bag over my bag for protection. It's completely tacky but it works. If your concern is being caught unexpectedly in a rainstorm and not being able to get to shelter quickly enough to protect your bag, I'd just try that trick rather than get another bag to carry your Coach in. It sounds a little cumbersome.
  10. I paid for it so I'm using it. If it's a downpour, I'll try not to take nay bags with me! If it's just a rainy day, I'll take whatever bag I want as long as it's not suede or satin.
  11. Coach leather is pretty darn durable and afterall, cows stand in the rain!
  12. I think it should be fine in the rain, but I have to admit that that is one of the best excuses I've heard yet to buy another bag!
  13. If you mean the vintage leather (e.g. on the Ali, shoulder bag, etc), on the Coach leather care card, it says that it'll just dry up and disappear.

    My whiskey bag got a ton of water drops on it in the rain the other day and they completely disappeared within a day or so. There were some semi-dark blotches for about a day but they weren't very noticeable and now they're gone. I think it's supposed to be pretty durable.
  14. This is a great idea! I wouldn't have thought of it, but I'm sure I'll do this. :smile:
  15. i know...
    i'm going to have to remember that.