Is this Ocean? *pics inside*

  1. I just got this pic from Neimans... is this Ocean?
  2. If that is giant silver hardware, it would have to be ocean. I think ocean is the only blue that would have GSH.
  3. yeah.. its SGH. It almost looks a bit periwinkle to me.. you know? I dunno.. I think its just the lighting.
  4. Looks like an Ocean Part Time
  5. Very Nice.. I think Purse:huh:Ooh.. has one too. Congrats!
  6. i hope starsnhevn doesn't mind --- but since we're on the subject... ;)

    is this ocean:confused1:

  7. No, I don't mind at all. lol. I think that is ocean... its a way better picture than what neiman's sent me.
  8. Yay!! Another Ocean PT w/ SGH! :choochoo: I was feeling so alone!!! I LOVE this combo!! :heart::heart:
  9. :graucho: I can not agree more!