Is this normal wear and tear?

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  1. I have bought iena mm 3 weeks ago. I have used this bag for 5 times. I have noticed that there were some wear on the corners. I will take my bag to the lv store tomorrow for further inspection. But I need your opinion is this normal wear and tear for a 3 wweks old bag ? Did any of you who have Iena in DE pattern have such wear in the corners of their bags ?
  2. Can u post a pic of the wear ur talking about?
  3. 46EA4D19-2FCB-43AA-8ED7-D7E985C77DB7.jpeg 380B7022-7D1A-40C0-BB25-ED365586EEF1.jpeg 95D739CE-0A73-4395-AF81-094F63BF9B2F.jpeg CA81EE00-5A08-469C-965E-7257E53E8E39.jpeg BB8C0F07-5F17-4558-BEB5-09384E0F1CEF.jpeg T
  4. This doesn't look normal to me. 3 weeks is a very short time. If it was only in one corner, I'd have thought it had rubbed somewhere, but being on the 4 corners doesn't seem to be normal.
  5. If you haven't accidentally bumped into a wall or scraped the bag, then this isn't normal. Definitely take it in tomorrow and they will likely offer an exchange. Good luck!
  6. IMO it's normal. the corners are folded and will wear more quickly there, it's also possible you bumped into something. But see what LV says.
  7. The folded corners of these bags are prone to this unfortunately. Looks like you scratched it accidentally. It can get this way just by setting it down on a hard surface. Doesn’t hurt to take it to LV and see what they say. Good luck!
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  8. I think it’s normal wear and tear. I don’t have this bag but I do have a cosmetic pouch that has similar corners and the only part of the pouch that looks used are the corners similar to yours.
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  9. if this is normal wear and tear, then the bag is not worth a fraction of its cost, and I wonder about the sanity of us all who keep paying these prices. :lol: any outlet/factory bag is of better quality. :giggle: good luck to us! there is a phrase in another language that I speak: "blind despite of eyes". :eek::no:
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  10. Just take it in to LV and see what they say. Three weeks is a short time for this.
  11. I took my bag the LV store and they kept it for further inspection. Waiting with fingers crossed. If they find out that the bag is defective, I don’t want to buy an other iena. I don’t know what to buy as a replacement.
  12. Agreed. It’s scary what we (as a whole) are accepting as normal wear and tear. Eggs last longer in my fridge than a $1400 bag.
  13. I don't blame you, those corners are an inherent weakness. If you must keep the bag might look into protective coating it (esp the corners) to see if that might slow down the abrasions. Definitely not a good bag for resell!
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  14. I had the Melie and the corners did that right away. I'm very careful with my bags, so I felt the way the corners folded was the problem, not how I treated the bag. I sold it before it got too bad, but if I had liked the bag more, I would have kept it and dealt with it. No one could see it except me, so it was not something I overly worried about. That said, I wouldn't buy a bag like that in the future, no matter if I love it or not. If you get the opportunity to get a different bag, I would seriously consider it. I for one am done buying bags with known issues.
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