Is this normal for Violet handles?

  1. I noticed a lot of white showing on my Violet City handles. Is this a normal and acceptable occurence? Has anyone else noticed this?
    I also noticed the corner of the strap slightly peeling, right where the leather is glued down. I will post pics later.
    Thanks so much:heart:
  2. I've seen that on a few Bbags but I don't know if it's normal. You might want to see what everyone else says.

  3. Are you referring to the "punched holes" or the veins/wrinkles of the leather?
  4. I don't have white showing like that on my violet bag but it is GH so the lacing goes in double. I wonder if the leather has been punched with larger holes to take double lacing??????
  5. If it is the punched holes, of course I won't say its normal but my Marine City is the same. It does not bother me much though.
  6. I had this happen on a Blueberry Day: the handles were paper-dry too. It's like not enough dye was applied.

    To me, that is not normal.

    Can you live with it?

  7. :heart:Hi you guys .....I`m back from Switzerland......yeah..

    Yes I have that on my violet workbag as well.
    It does not bother me much at all, but I was wondering
    about that.
    Thanks for bringing it up.:p
  8. my violet work SGH has a little bit of white showing but it doesn't bother me.
  9. My GH bags do have white showing on some of them, but my rh doesn't. It seems normal / Ok to me :shrugs:
  10. Yes. I've got a violet RH City and white does show through some of the punched holes. It doesn't bother me, though and I can't see any peeling at the corner of the strap. I'll wait and see your pictures and I will then have another close look at my own bag.
  11. the same thing happened on my blueberry bowling bag.. i wouldn't worry about it too much unless it is something that really bothers you then i would exchange it!!
  12. Thanks, i definitely mean the punched holes being white- Will they ever darken up? I don't think I could exchange this for a Violet as they are so rare.
    I am expecting a Violet Step, so maybe I'll like it better!
  13. Here is the strap photos-like the leather wasn't glued properly!
    strap1.JPG strap2.JPG
  14. ^I don't have my violet with me today, so I'm not sure about the holes, but my strap also look like that! It's only on one end, though. I'm carrying another city today, and I've just checked - the strap on it is clean with no leather flap over the stitching. I'm not bothered by it too much.