Is this norm ? Help needed plsssss

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  1. Hello everyone ,
    I bought this speedy DE size 35 , 3-4 years ago (haha I can't remember when exactly )
    Not using her that frequent.

    And today , I just saw this happened to my baby .

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469001733.751701.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469001744.756172.jpg
    The loose thread and a bit peeling

    Should I ask LV? Or this a wear and tear ??

  2. This is my Speedy 30 that I've been using almost every day since 3 years as a diaper bag (and I'm unfortunately not very gentle with my bags) and this is how mine still looks.
    So I'd say that no, it's not normal.

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  3. red on your bag = cracking of canvas. red next to that stitch I'll let others chime in.

    Looks like the material is starting to fray.

    It's considered wear and tear but LV won't fix any cracking canvas. People point this out as evidence of the cheapening of the materials and brand, but other vehemently disagree. I am in the camp that believes in the former rather than the latter.
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  4. In my opinion I think LV would say it's normal wear and tear after 3-4 years, as Kirkland said they won't fix any cracking canvas. Maybe you could ask LV what it would cost to replace the zip to prevent it from fraying any further?

    If it was my bag I think I'd be tempted put some brown colour over the crack where the red is coming through, cut off the fraying threads very carefully and just use the bag (just my thoughts). It's hard to see how bad the fraying is though from the picture and I don't know if it will get any worse.

    Another option would be to sell the bag as it is and put that money towards a new one.
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  5. The fuzzies can be considered normal as they're caused by the zipper head rubbing up against the fabric when the bag is opened - a quick trim with a pair of scissors will nip the problem in the bud - but the peeling of the canvas isn't. My 18yo 30 doesn't do that and neither has any of the other Speedys I've ever seen, new or older, so I wouldn't hesitate to take it back to LV and have them look at it. Most likely they'll look at the bag's age and say it's normal wear and tear but you never know.
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  6. The canvas must have rubbed against something abrasive. This doesn't happen on its own. As for the fraying, that's pretty normal wear and tear. This being said, I would still take the bag to a Louis Vuitton boutique and have them look at it. It's entirely possible that they will assess it as too early and offer some kind of solution. Are you able to bring it to your local store?

    Keep us updated!
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  7. TQ all for your reply , definitely will ask about the cracking issue . This is my time facing this kind of situation , others bag are all in good and this is the only DE bag that I owned .
    Currently I'm out of town , once reached my city will go and ask LV .