Is this new?

  1. Read this from the fall issue of Elle Accessories (HK edition). Can any H gal tell me the name of this bag?
  2. Kelly Danse?
  3. I think you're right, GF!
  4. LOL....I was unsure! I'm yet to see one!
  5. I want one. :smile:
  6. Gorgeous! Love the picture too, thank you for posting!
  7. It's a Kelly Danse. Way to go, GF! Where are the straps though?
  8. What are the main differences of Danse as compared to say the Mini Kelly or the KP? Is it merely size-wise (width,length) or are there other knick-knacks too?

    Thanks for sharing the pic LuvBirkin... it looks gorgeous! :heart:
  9. It's definetly the Kelly Danse, but the strap is not shown, and this picture is interesting because I think it's the first time we actually see a modeling pic. Thanks for sharing.
  10. It looks like Kelly Danse is taller than Mini Kelly & KP. I might be wrong. I have yet to see the Kelly Danse IRL.
  11. There is another pic of a rouge vif Kelly flat in that issue of Elle Accessories also :yes: Both bags look yummy!
  12. Pyrexia, there're a picture of Mini Shoulder Kelly in this thread:

    From what I could see in the pictures, both Mini Kelly and Kelly Danse come with straps and no handle as compare to a KP.

    Kelly Danse also looks more squarish and its side somehow looks different from a Mini Kelly.