Is this legal for Ebay Seller to....

  1. "Add require insurance feewithout us knowing"

    2 weeks ago, I wanted to buy this Guess purse on Ebay for BIN of $20.00 plus $8 shipping. It seemed like a good deal so I hit the BIN price. It calculated that I need to pay a total of $33, which includes a $5 insurance that is required. I quickly hit the back button to cancel and thank goodness I was not committed to buying.

    First of all, the seller (I forgot his/her user name) did not state that the buyer has to pay a required insurance fee of $5. I remember buying insurance on my $500 purse for an extra $8, but $5 for a cheap $20 purse is stupid. If I was required to pay, I would not go thru with it. Isn't it illegal to pull something like this to get some extra cash and mislead the buyer? I wish I complained to Ebay about the buyer's ethic....

  2. The seller might have been trying to make a few extra bucks, or might have added the fee to another item and accidentally left it on for this item too. Once you set a shipping price, ebay automatically uses that shipping price as the default on all other items unless you change it. I've made that mistake before but have always caught it and fixed it. The seller might be charging a flat insurance fee on everything too b/c he or she has had a negative experience with the post office and now wants to send everything insured, no exception. The insurance fee should be listed in the information below the auction (where the shipping fee is located), so it should be disclosed...

    Sorry about your disappointing experience!
  3. No, it's not illegal.

    The ebay listing should have stated somewhere (around where the shipping costs are specified at the bottom) that insurance is required to be paid by the buyers :smile:
  4. I've had it happen to me, I didn't realize insurance was required for something I purchased, but, it was the only listing of it (something stupid...I think it was a game for my super nintendo lol)...granted insurance was only like 2 bucks, but, to require it on a 4 dollar game? It's stupid. I checked to make sure that they had used the insurance I paid for, and, they did, but, to me, why waste other peoples money that they don't want to use? Option it, but, don't force it. I'm more careful now about smaller purchases to make sure I don't get caught in that again, it's just not worth it.