Is This Keychain Silly?


What Do You Think of the Keychain?

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  2. Hate It!

  3. Hey....cute craft project from your hemp wearing Grandma!

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  1. Prada - Gifts & occasions - Key ring Prada on YOOX

    Part of me really likes it and wants to use it as a charm on one of my bags, but then the other part of me feels silly using a $90 keychain for decoration that looks part folk art/ part 3rd grade craft project.
  2. it is silly! but in an excellent way! so cute, get it!....I have a frankenstein made of yarn hanging from my balenciaga pony city....IMO it adds character.
  3. Sorry--for $90 I think you could find something better.
  4. I kinda dig it!LOL! I love funky Prada!
  5. Its wouldnt scratch your bag? Get caught on clothes? Its not something I would hang on my bag, but I'm old. Buy what YOU like. I think if youre hesitating you already know your amswer....
  6. ^ Agree.
  7. I think these are real cute, there's a female one too and it comes in both gold and silver.. but did you see the dimensions on it? 8 inches by 3 inches!!! actually it's more like 8 1/2 by 3 1/2!! almost 9 inches by 4 inches!!!!!!!

    whoa!!!!!!!! :nuts:

    I'd get one if they were tiny...