Is this it? After 3 freaking years?

  1. My (ex)BF and I have been together for about 3 years, and it's always been great. Until recently...

    I really don't know where it went wrong, and I really can't pin point what was going so bad. It just didn't feel good anymore.

    So Sunday morning, we broke it off. It's been very hard because i'm VERY close to his family and his only nephew who's 3 is like my son. I love him to death...

    We always get back together after a fight, but this isn't even a fight... we just got fed up. :crybaby:
  2. Sorry to hear about your predicament. I always say, the three year mark is usually when most couples figure out if they are going to make it. First year is always (well, should be) honky dory because you two are still on your best behavior. Second year the true side of both you start to come out, and you start getting into comfortable mode. Third year is the make it or break it - you start thinking long term and have to decide if this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. So it sounds like you two have decided to break it. It's really difficult leaving any long term relationship (because of the comfortableness and all the relationships you've built with his family and such) but at least you know now and can move on and find the person you're really meant to be with. Good luck - the right person is out there! :smile:
  3. so sorry...but it's ok!enjoy ur new liberation;) after breaking up, i always feel relieved..LOL! it's not that i went through rough relationship..but i just found sometimes it is better to be single..KWIM?:graucho:

    dont always think about it that would just make u recall all of ur memory and make u feel sad..

    anyway, be tough girl;)

    and it's time to splurge!LOL
  4. I'm sorry :sad:
    I've been with my bf on and off for about 6 years this year. Sometimes we get a little sick of each other so we just take a tiny break for a day or two and don't constantly talk to each other so we give each other some space.

    Anyway you should take this time to enjoy being single! You don't have to do anything for anyone else but yourself now. Hang out with your girl friends, go shopping, see a movie, do something FUN! I know it seems hard right now but you'll come to love being single again. I hope things work out for you...good luck!
  5. hey i know what you're goin through. i just broke up a few hours ago after a 3.5 yr relationship. I'm so upset and angry and i feel like i wasted the last 4 yrs being with him. hang in there
  6. Thanks everyone!

    Bubbleliciousis - you can rant to me!:smile:

    I do feel like i've wasted a lot of time... especially when I spent a lot of my 'college years' and the last of my high school year with him. So I feel like i've abandoned my best girl friends even though they're hanging in there with me...
  7. ^^ oh man ((hugs)) to you...
  8. Im sorry that this has happened to you, I hope you can still keep in contact with the nephew!
  9. That's the trouble sometimes, the family is so nice, you know you're going to miss them almost more than the BF if you break up, LOL Anyway, if you feel this is it and it's not working anymore, enjoy your freedom! :drinkup:
  10. *hugs* don't worry :smile: everything will be alright.
    Do something to take your mind off him. I know it's hard but just keep trying and things will get better.
  11. this is why I was claiming stakes straightaway in my marriage (we got married VERY soon) - ask my hubby the first year of our marriage was TERRIBLE (according to him) but NOW the bright side of me is coming through...haha, he thinks he is in paradies now (i am serious about this) it is like just falling in love! my tip is: don't be on best behaviour, just be yourself - that way everyone knows what is what. my hubby was who he is and I knew what I got myself in for!
  12. I'm so sorry for you, we've all been there! But, if you think that this is really over, you should think that it happened for the better, as now you have the chance to meet someone special, really worth you. I'm sure you are going to be ok, even if it hurts at first, as if that was not working well, you should have stoped it!
  13. sheishollywood, we shld totally rant to each other!

    i know how you feel and i feel the same way that i wasted the last 4 years of my 20s. ppl around me are telling me not to see it that way but it's hard because i feel like all my time and energy i invested was a complete waste and i could have done alot more.

    you're only 20/21 and you have alot more good dating years left. it sucks i know but you're young and there's plenty more people for you to meet. (i'm hitting 30 =P )

    and your best girlfriends are awesome so take this time to reconnect with them and don't abandon them again next time =) you always need girlfriends even if you have someone in your life.

  14. True. I just have this off feeling in me that it's not completely over but at the same time, things won't change. I expected it to end... more distinctly - you know that feeling where okay, it's over, I gotta deal with it, and i'm done. Except nothing really big has happened, it just ended, and I suppose it's because there was no real closure.

  15. The ending of a relationship is so hard and hurts so much, hang in there!!! We can relate. It sounds like you both grew apart and it's natural and maybe inevitable now, during the transition of being a teen to adulthood (it was different for our parents, of course). You have lots to do and experience, take care!