is this even allowed? what to do.. arg *rant*

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  1. So I won a purse on eBay and emailed the seller beforehand asking if she would include something that would prove its authenticity. She said before the auction ended that she would. Two days later she replies telling me that she wouldn't go through the hassle of trying to get a receipt and if I don't pay in a few hours she would sell it to someone else. Of course I don't want to buy a fake and I just want to be sure. Also, I didn't pay her because - right after the auction ended her account went NARU'd which it blocked me from paying her anyway. Agh. I feel so annoyed by this seller, and at this point I don't even mind that she sold the bag to someone else.. I just want to leave a neg-*rant*
  2. I would be thankful that she became a NRU...something about this whole situation doesn't feel right. Don't pay and pass this one up. Another one will come up.
  3. Definitely, don't pay. If she is NARU then you are no longer obligated to pay. Unfortunately, I don't think you can leave feedback either.
  4. I am not really sure if it is or isn't allowed, but it does show that she is not one to keep her word. That being said, she is NARU so I wouldn't worry about it...good thing you did not pay her!
  5. If she's NARU'ed you can't leave feedback. I've had it happen before where I really wanted to, but they're totally shut down. I think it's stupid that you can't at least leave feedback on the completed transactions, but that's how they do it.
  6. Maybe she was stopped from selling fake handbag.
    So happy you didn't pay or you would be really without anything you could do.
    I bet you find a better handbag......and a real one too!!
  7. This could only have been a really bad deal. So, look on the bright side since you were saved tons of trouble. I'll bet another bag comes along that you love even more!
  8. OMG, I think you are lucky that the transaction didn't go through. People who do not send promised pics, etc. are usually selling fakes. The ones that I don't really have a doubt as to authenticity, but asked for assurance, always complied promptly and willingly. Trust your guts and don't go through with the transaction!