Is this chicken undercooked??

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391664939.557345.jpg

    Ok, so today at around noon, I rinsed and then put 6 large skinless boneless chicken breasts into my slow cooker. Garlic salt on the front and back of each and then put enough water to cover the tops of them. Set the slow cooker to high and left it alone. A few hours later I added more water because two of the chicken breasts were not fully covered. Around dinner time, we decided I didn't want to finish the preparation for chicken and dumplings so we left these in the slow cooker (turned to low around 5pm) and went to dinner. At 10 pm I turned the slow cooker off and put the inner part on the oven to help cool it to get it ready for the fridge. Around midnight, I transferred them to this bowl (and you can see they totally fell apart). But why the heck do they still look so raw!?! They were in a large slow cooker on high for a little less than 5 hours and then low for 5 more hours. They can't possibly be undercooked can they?
  2. Color-wise they still look pinkish. So I would think they're still raw...
  3. It looks a little suspect. I go by the texture- if it shreds the way cooked chicken is suppose to, I think it's fine. If it's kind of slimy or rubbery (for lack of better words), I'd say it needs a few more minutes.
  4. Some of that definitely does not looked cooked imo, but I would agree with stephc005 and check the texture. If it looks like raw chicken, it's raw chicken!
  5. Yes, FOR SURE looks uncooked still IMO.
  6. Yikes! That's bizarre it was in your slow cooker for so long but did not cook. Check your cooker!
  7. Looks so-so. Would cook further or pull pink parts and give your pooch if you have one a treat.
    Uncooked chicken can contaminate the rest. Best to be safe.
    BTW, the heating element in the crockpot can go out just like any other appliance. I would check. Maybe time for a new one. If new, return for a different one.
  8. Check the juices. If clear then cooked. If blood needs more cooking