Is this bad? making V-Day gift list when X-mas is still on count down? ^^;

Oct 13, 2006
Wow, w/all the lovely pix and wonderful info everyone has posted, i can't help myself but to start making a list of Valentine Day's gift already! I know it's bad especially when X-mas is still on the count down, but just wondering how many of TPFers are like me? List them!
  • :heart: coin purse
  • New LV key chain
  • Candy Apple Red Vernis-haven't decide yet.....
  • Reserve for the unheard/unseen LV....:P
some how i find myself is leaning toward small leather goods more than actual handbag it self(Azur speedy, gold pap, +S&G pochette in 5 weeks sure quench my handbag thirst:shame: ), but i am sure my bank account will thank me for shifting attention:rolleyes:
nope, not weird or bad at all... Especially when some stores have already started putting out Valentines candy!!! I was at a drug store today and I was like WTF?!?!
:yes: yup, was at Target today when wrapping paper run out, and all of sudden i see V-Day items on shelf already!:wtf: Wait a minute, does it make me think at normal paste for the list?:rolleyes: <---will find ANY excuse to make what i want sounds legit:supacool:
We don't celebrate christmas so I have been focused on the s/s 07 items ...I have reserved the violet LVOE tote and the :heart: purse ... I hope they come really, really, REALLY exciting .. I love when each new season arrives:yahoo:
Really quite normal actually. If I don't get anything for Christmas because of family and friends. Then my christmas comes at valentine's day starting with little tidbit of new items for the coming year.