Is this authentic?

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  1. Darn can't access the link!
  2. I think it looks okay; is there anything in particular that is making you doubt the bag?
  3. What makes me doubt the bag is the current auction price...though I know the reserve is not yet met.
  4. It seems good to me. She is a MPRS.
  5. this is not directed towards you, but just a quote because you brought it up...

    sometimes people think a bag is fake because the price is so low, but what i've seen/experienced, is that selling at a lower price reduces fees, and if a bag is hot, it's going to sell for what it's worth. so don't let low prices/bids make you think a bag is fake. make sure you look at the length of the listing ( authentic $1200 bag on day 1 at $200)
  6. Here in Germany all bags start with 1€ and they all go up to a pretty high level. That wouldn't make me wonder.
  7. Yes she's a very reputable seller. V
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