Is this Authentic? I need an opinion ASAP, Thax!

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  1. I bought (on eBay) a Kooba Sienna bag Friday night
    I am going to pay w/a MO which I was going to send out today. This is what I believe to be an older Sienna bag, made with brown canvas signature lining. The color is "luggage" which I remember as an orig color (& the one I always wanted!). I really believed this bag was authentic, until I got a PM telling me it might be fake (as well as a few questionable posts).

    I was looking at this bag a while ago, as well as another (
    I have always wanted an original Sienna bag - one made BEFORE they came out w/the suede linings.

    I emailed christid2303, who maintains a Guide on eBay about fake Kooba bags. I was pretty certain the bag with the brown lining (the one I bought) was authentic, becuz (1) I remember the Luggage color as it's the one I always wanted, and (2) I remember the brown canvas signature lining. Altho I knew that the earlier bags were lined w/canvas instead of suede, and I do remember that white lining from other Kooba bags, I couldn't remember whether or not the Sienna was ever made with that lining. I also wasn't sure about the zipper (it's plastic on the white lined bag, instead of metal) and the end ties don't look braided to me. So I emailed ChristiD

    When ChristiD replied, she said she wasn't sure at first, but thought that both of them were authentic, as she can't recall many fakes with the canvas linings. This is what I thought too. I also checked the posts at TPF, and from what I could gather from other posts, it didn't seem that there were too many fakes made with the canvas linings (plus, the older bags were made with smooth leather, as this bag is).

    I did email the seller and asked about where she bought the bag, when, etc. She said the bag was a gift from her husband, but she had already bought herself one (I know that this is standard "fake" fare, but....). She also said that the tag on the inside pocket is Kitson, and it says $595 (which I do believe was the original price). She also told me that Kooba is embossed on the side of the bag instead of the metal plate (also true of older Sienna bags). In her description, she also refers to the tag, including the style number & color, which many tags usually do.

    I have NOT paid for this bag yet. I am sending her a MO, which I was going to do today. If any of you have some other info, indicating why you know this bag is NOT authentic, pls let me know before I send her the money. My gut says it's real, but not knowing enough about Kooba bags, I need to rely on the "experts" since some questions have been raised.
  2. You need to post this in the Authenticate This Kooba thread provided. Thanks.
  3. sorry I didnt realize there was anther forum - thats why I posted in the Kooba forum. Its there now
  4. I don't get it; both those item have 0 bids. Was yours an off eBay purchase?
  5. Yea i think it is real.
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