Is this an authentic web stockist ?

  1. Hi,

    The first website is def authenic stuff:tup:

    Never heard of the second one but looking at it, it seems o.k.
  2. I'd say yes to both too
  3. They are both authentic.
    Start is a fab shop in London and they sell tons of designer items.
    It is very rock-n-roll.
  4. If you are ever unsure, call Mulberry customer service and they can help.
  5. If you are looking for a purple patent bargain, I have seen one at Jules B for 10% off.
  6. Thanks heaps girls !!!


    Are there any other legit online stockists apart from the actual Mulberry site ??
  7. Harvey Nichols and Net a Porter are both currently stocking Mulberry.

    Harrods used to but not sure if they still do.

    The John Lewis website occasionally has Mulberry bits but at the moment they only have some of the zodiac keyrings.

    There are a couple of other little independent boutiques (like Psyche & Start) but I can't remember what they're called now.
  8. Hello ladies! I just signed up, after being mildly addicted to all of your entertaining & helpful observations :blush:

    Eveanna, I'm an aussie too so I empathise... Weirdly enough, before even reading your post I emailed Mulberry about asking if they're an authentic stockist of their products. This was their reply -

    If you are wanting to order any Mulberry products it is advisable to purchase this on our website, or through one of our stores

    Note, she completely ignored the fact that I live in Sydney (so no Mulberry boutiques here - except for DJ's "shelf") and that the E/W Basywater I'm after is not available on Does this mean psyche's products are fake?? :confused1:

    Many thanks in advance & sorry for the late posting! - elle xx
  9. Ooooo that's an interesting reply Eloisa... :s

    I wonder if they are saying that because they want your/our custom or because Psyche is fake. You'd think if Psyche was fake they'd say so though.... :confused1:

    Ah I hate being stuck on this isolated island sometimes...
  10. In my experience, Mulberry don't like to help with stockists. When I bought my Roxanne from a leather shop near me, I rang to see if they were legit and I did not find them very helpful! I don't think there are too many stockists any more because I used to buy from Hudsons, but they stopped selling years ago.

    The advise from Mulberry will always be the website or shops.
  11. lol Eveanna - we are stuck on an island too (even if it's the largest one!).

    Thanks so much for that info Kerilynn - it makes a lot of sense... Mulberry seem that much more elusive when they don't have/endorse too many "outside" stockists. They just become more desirable to me :graucho:

    Eveanna, I think I'm going to take the plunge with psyche! They have after all been in business for 25 years...

    Thanks again ladies :heart:
  12. Eloisa, I think psyche are legit. They have loads of more expensive brands on there and Im sure if they werent legit then they would have lost loads of these brands long ago.
  13. I agree hulahoop !

    Let us know how it goes Eloisa !! How exciting !!:woohoo:
  14. Was literally (well in cyber world) about to complete checkout on Psyche last night when I thought I'd have a quick peek at's keyring colours (to go with the E/W of course :p). Lo & behold East Wests had reappeared as part of their iconic collection! This MAY (though after what Kerilynn said, I now doubt it) explain Mulberry's cs cryptic response - that they will be re-stocking that style soon?!

    Anyway, I ended up ordering from after all.

    Eveanna, postage costs to Australia are the same as psyche, though Mulberry don't seem to reimburse VAT (mind you, Psyche's tax reimbursement would have only been 4 GBPs (so only 1%!).

    Very sorry this has gone so off topic & thanks again everyone!