is this a weird case?

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  1. My sister just sold her Chanel bag for $4,500 on eBay last night. She got 145 PF and sold many high end luxury items like Chanel bags, Tiffany &Co jewelry, Cartier watches...from her persional collection. Her buyer got 82 possitive feedback as a buyer. My sister haven't ship the bag yet untill 5pm today but her buyer already left her possitive feedback this morning. We just wondering why buyer left PF even she have not get the bag yet? Anybody have experience with like this case please share? Thank you.
  2. Yes. I had this before in the past.
  3. Did the buyer have very low fb? Probably looking to boost her own.
  4. He/she might be forgetful and he/she just wants to make sure to leave a PF so that you can do te same.
  5. I had this situation before and buyer even had a considerably good feedback (50+). I did not ask though and just shipped the item the following day.
  6. I've left positive feedback both as a seller - before payment ! but I've sold to the person before - and as a buyer - before receipt of goods, when either I've bought from the person in the past & am "sure" of them, or, if the transaction has been such a good experience I'm confident the item will (a) arrive ! and (b) be excellent.
    When ever poss' I like to do my very quickly so I don't miss any one ! xH
  7. Perhaps it was feedback meant for someone else. Could just be a simple mistake.
  8. I've had this happen before also.

  9. That's happened to me too. I've even got "shipped" notification and I haven't paid yet!