Is this a typo? Price of Epi Speedy??

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  1. Nope that is a glitch and they are working on it! Funny huh?!!
  2. def a typo. i love my suhali le fab but i wouldnt pay 30,000 for it, which is what the site is charging even if it had diamonds on it. now a diamond birkin............
  3. Whew! Thank God! That really scared me! LOL
    What is the current retail price?
  4. How about the epi noe for 10,350!?!
  5. It's definitely a typo. Otherwise, in other currency!! :smile:
  6. I saw that and I tried to add it to the cart; I could not checkout.
  7. haha 6300
    right now its not available
  8. LOVE IT! Can you imagine? What if no one was paying attention and checked out, etc.? Yes - I paid $11K for my Noe how 'bout you? :nuts:;)

  9.'s still showing over 6 grand:nuts:..the epi speedy is showing for $995 so I think the 30 would probably be around $1100 more or less..

    that's silly though..$6300 for a Epi Speedy:P
  10. I bought the red and black before the increase....boy....did I get a deal!!!!:roflmfao:
  11. See it isn't only my order that they screwed up. Seems like elux is having computer problems. I certainly hope that no one actually tried to buy a bag at those prices.